Can i turn my google work sheetto be Glide table?

Can i turn my google sheet which already in my current app to be Glide table?

No, you can’t at this time.

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Please vote on the link that just Jeff shared in the thread

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If you have a OneDrive account you could save your gsheet as an excel file, then create an app using your excel and then copy that app to a Glide Table.
It worked some time ago for me


Good workaround but lets all vote because I am replacing old apps that are already running on google sheets due to performance issue when data is getting alot after 10K rows I can see the that glide sheets wins the race, plus the API will give us better connections to outside world

Thank you, i am creating one from scratch right now, unfortunately.

i did already since morning. Thank you

Hello my friend :wave:,
i am trying to cut the sync counter from counting against my wish, it almost consumed my 1000 allowed edits just in 3 days.

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If you are just editing your app, you shouldn’t consider that number as the actual allowed edits.
@DJP explained that here and should be fixed someway in the future:


i did really almost consumed it. editing and testing the data work flow. sadly that happened.

Hey, Hani! We are currently in soft enforcement of Updates, so you do not need to worry about your projects not running if you surpass your Updates quota

Explanation here: 🆕 All-New Team Plans Coming Thursday, April 21st - #296 by DJP


The article you wrote is really let me breath again. Thank you so much.

Building the app entirely on Glide tables is, as far as i know is the best solution for speed in terms of data sync. Meanwhile, it will not accept to add from outside the glide page itself, or Glide editor.

lets assume the following normal case study.

i have a sub contractor table in Glide and it works fine with the data i entered. When i approach a new client (Ownser) they have their own list of subcontractors mainly in Excel or google sheet formats.

i might send for them an excel or google sheet template to fill in, but, How could i import it into its dedicated glide table in the Glide editor considering neglecting the manual entry?

We don’t have this feature yet, but we will be adding the ability to upload CSV and Excel files directly to Glide Tables soon!


Thanks for this update! Can’t wait to be able to upload CSVs directly to Glide Tables.

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You can use the Glide API to load data into Glide Tables.


Thank you for the direct honest reply. :bouquet:

As always, @Darren_Murphy your respected positive way. Thats a good approach but i am still new, could you kindly. Explain the steps to do rhat, please

There is a video tutorial included in the documentation that I linked to. I don’t think I can do any better than that :wink:

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That’s a good one, i did not notice the link itself sorry for that. but it is really helpful, not only with google sheet, but it tooks a one more step higher to un linked websites with Glide.

Thank you again :bouquet:

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