🆕 All-New Team Plans Coming Thursday, April 21st

Will stay untouched for around 6 months, until they force everyone to move to any of the new plans.

I’m staying at $32/month for as long as it’s possible, hoping they get the pricing scheme right (updates mostly) in the meantime.

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You will receive credit for the time remaining on the existing subscription

If you need that credit transferred to the new team, you can contact support to help you


On the Free team plan, you have the same number of map pins per project at 10

On the Starter team plan, you have 50 map pins per project available

On the Pro and Business team plans, you have 1,000 map pins per project available


Hey, Manu! You will be able to stay on your existing subscriptions until we offer migration options to the new team plans

We cannot currently offer you an exact length of time you can stay on your current plan, but rest assured that you will have plenty of time to choose a new team plan

We will also offer discounts to existing customers to make the transition easier

I’m just now catching up on all these changes! I have one published app I made for a community group I belong to back in October of 2020. We’re not a business or a non-profit, just a group of people who all work in the same industry. I made my app on the free plan, initially with the goal of paying $5 monthly row boosts should we ever need them. Glide’s “boost” option was taken away shortly after I published the app, before I could utilize it. My back-up plan became Glide’s referral program - but then when I successfully referred a developer I learned that this program had also been discontinued (despite its continued appearance of being active in my dashboard).

This past weekend our group threw a small event that collected donations towards a venue rental. When we ended up with $100 beyond what was needed I suggested we could use this to purchase a paid Glide plan, seeing as we are now nearing the 500 row limit. I told everyone we could pay for a yearly plan that would cost us $9/mo. and get us some extra rows, and the consensus was “YES!” Now I see that once again the goal posts have been moved and Glide feels out of reach to me. $25/mo. is just not sustainable for a group operating on zero budget :pensive:

When I visit my Glide dashboard I see that the $9/mo. Basic App plans are still available when I click “upgrade” in the builder. If I do purchase a Basic App yearly plan would I be included in the paid groups that will receive a comparable discount once migration is enforced? Also, what exactly is a public sign-in? My app requires all users to sign-in once, and then the app just loads when they open it (unless they signed out which there really isn’t any reason to do so). Is a public sign-in equal to an existing user just opening up the app that they’re already signed into? If so what would happen to the 101st user that attempts to open the app?

I fully realize I am not Glide’s target audience and collateral damage is to be expected with company growth - but I really poured my heart & soul into this thing and am ever hopeful I can keep it alive…

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Mega-post Answering Questions and Concerns about Updates

  1. The team really appreciates the lively community discussion about the new team plans. Your input does not go unnoticed, and we will take your perspectives into consideration as we continue to refine the team plans. We know that you are passionate about Glide (passionate enough to take the time to share your candid thoughts!), so thank you for your feedback. Keep it coming! :grin:

  2. We recognize that the introduction of Updates is a major change to how you use Glide. Updates are currently in soft enforcement, but we will add a tooltip on the Usage page to reassure our users of that fact

    Soft enforcement means that you do not need to worry about surpassing your team’s Updates quota. Your projects will continue running, and you will not be charged for overages until you explicitly opt in

    We are using this transition period to:

    • Continue monitoring our customers’ usage patterns
    • Identify potential problems with how Updates are counted
    • Iron out bugs and resolve issues we did not foresee
    • Make potential revisions to our team plans

    We will reach out to teams that significantly surpass their Updates quotas and ask them to upgrade to higher plans. We expect this to be a discovery process where we will learn about issues with Updates and how Glide is used by our customers today, which may lead to changes to how Updates are counted and/or the introduction of features to address these use cases

  3. The Updates count you see today is not necessarily what will be counted in the future. Here are a couple of examples of Updates that will not count when we move to full enforcement

    • Updates incurred when in the Builder
    • Updates when your project is not published

    Continue to let us know when you find instances where Updates are behaving in ways you would not expect. It’s possible that (a) you found an issue we did not foresee or (b) we are already on it and we’ll let you know!

  4. The Usage page is not in its final state. There are improvements we are planning to make to the Usage page. Here are a couple of examples:

    • Show Syncs by data source
    • Show usage by project (e.g., Updates, Users, File Storage)

    As with Updates, continue to let us know how you think the Usage page should improve!


Will this also include updates to user specific columns?


Still being determined internally

In my opinion, you are exactly the kind user Glide should be targeting if they are taking their 1 billion users goal seriously.

Hopefully you still find a use for Glide!


why the free app is not showing the usage yet? and there is no option for copy templet @david

??? @DJP , @david

Thanks @Adam_Crossley I like that perspective! :star_struck:

@Luther makes a good point here.

Current pricing is as follows:
Free plan = 10:1 ratio of updates per user
Starter = 5:1 ratio
Pro = 2:1 ratio
Business = 5:1 ratio

Looks like Pro plan (which will certainly be the most popular) has the worst ratio of updates/user.


Glide needs to hire a mathematician and business adviser lol.


Just a short message to show you that our usage dashboard was not reset for the beginning of the month.



“Resets in 29 days” implies that it is always on the 1st of each month. But maybe the reset is 30 days after you started the subscription.

Yeah, except a couple of days ago mine said “Resets in 1 day”


In the pro plan, will we get 1000 pins per month or 1000 fixed pins? @DJP

I think that’s 1000 pins on a map at any one time when viewing the app. It’s not 1000 times a pin can be placed on a map within a month. Regardless, a map displaying 1000 pins at once is going to have lag. That’s a lot of coordinates to render on a map at one time.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that limit also loosely applies to how many addresses can be geocoded at once??? Such as using geocoding to convert addresses to coordinates to calculate distance.

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