Help with price information for the new plan

Good morning, I have doubts about the new price plan since I already read the prices but it does not make some things very clear to me,

1.- It is correct that if I switch to a pro plan of $99 dollars per month, all my projects.

2.- If I switch to the $99 dollar plan and I have 10 projects, each project has the benefit of the 25k row as the editions and the 50GB in images or these benefits are in groups for all the projects or this benefit is granted to each project

3.-Does the editors refer to the people that I can integrate into my Work Group that may have the option of being able to edit the projects found in that group of projects?

4.- What do you refer to with the white mark, there will be a reference image to which you refer please


Hi @Master01,

I think you will get a quicker response to your questions if you keep your posts under this thread :point_down:

@DJP is very responsive in terms of addressing any questions or issues related to the new plans…

But also if you go through the posts within the thread, you will find answers to some of the questions you have as some have already been asked by some of the members of the community.