🆕 All-New Team Plans to Be Announced Next Week

We’re announcing this to forum regulars first and will share the announcement more broadly next week. Please keep questions and feedback here for now

We’re excited to share a sneak peek of what’s next for our Glide community. Next Thursday, we will be introducing all-new team plans, designed to make it simpler and easier for you to create more software with Glide.

Top 3 Things You Need to Know

  1. Pricing for existing customers is not changing yet. You can rest assured that the changes next week will not immediately impact your day-to-day workflows

  2. Eventually, all customers will move to team plans, but we will provide plenty of time to make the change, instructions for migration, and support to ensure your transition to team plans is a success

  3. The goal of launching team plans is to allow our customers to build more Apps and Pages without worrying about upgrading individual projects. The new pricing model makes Glide easier, more flexible, and more productive

Changes to the Free Plan

Our mission is to create a billion new software developers, so we’re including more features to our Free plan to give anyone just getting started with Glide even more. We will be announcing the migration plan for Free Apps and Pages to the new Free Team plan in the coming weeks.

Here are some highlights of what the new Free Team plan includes:

  • Up to 500 rows with any data source including Airtable and Excel
  • Up to 500 rows for Pages
  • Private Users for Apps and Public Users for Pages
  • Tablet layout and all Tab Icons for Apps

With the new plans, resources like published projects, file storage, and users are shared across your team. Below are some differences between the new Free Team plan and Free Apps & Pages

New Free Plan Old Free Plan
Published Projects and Drafts 3 Published Projects and Unlimited Drafts in your team Unlimited Published Projects
File Storage 200MB shared across your team’s projects 100 MB per project
Visitors (Users who do not sign in) Unlimited Unlimited
Public Users Up to 100 unique Public Users who sign into your team’s projects per month Unlimited
Private Users Up to 3 unique Private Users who sign into your team’s projects per month Not included for Free Apps and Pages
Zaps and Webhooks Unlimited 100 per project
Data Operations 1,000 Updates* shared across your team’s projects 1,000 Sheet Edits per project

*Updates are a new concept that we are introducing with team plans. An update occurs when a row is added or changed, or when a data source like Google Sheets or Airtable is reloaded.

Watch Jack Walk Through the Main Changes

Let Us Know What You Think

If you have questions or feedback, drop us a line below :point_down:

We can’t wait to see what you build :sparkles:


hi team, this is really good news. I think it can help us to deploy more application. I have three questions:

  • does this concern glide app and glide page?

  • are we going to be able to remove the branding on glide pages?

  • is it possible to have the details of the new teams packages? thank you so much

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Great questions!

  1. Team plans allow you to create Public & Private projects and Apps & Pages with just one plan. You don’t have to purchase multiple subscriptions anymore to have Public and Private Users or Apps and Pages with paid features

  2. Today, you can purchase a whitelabeling add-on to remove branding on Glide Pages. With the new team plans, the Pro and Business team plans will have a number of whitelabeled projects included with the option to purchase more. On the Starter team plan, you can purchase whitelabeling add-ons when you need them

  3. We will provide more details on all the plans next week. Stay tuned!


So some of the things destroys my plan.i need to look out for the some other plans.

So whether you will change pricing plan every year?

Or you will stick to this till 2030.

Can you elaborate on potential issues you expect to run into with the new team plans?

This is going to be Awesome! :star_struck: So cool! Glide Team, you’ll do an Amazing Job! You’ll make Glide easier for the Users to use! Spectacular!

Glide Rock! :sunglasses:

P.S. - Loving Glide Pages a lot :heart:


It’s about personal ambition not with the glide’s introduction of teams.I’m expecting a better pricing in teams.I’m waiting eagerly to see the pricing…

I already changed my personal ambition after seeing this announcement.

No pbm …

Will you keep on changing the pricing…?

Pricing is shown in Jack’s video above.

Don’t understand , pro is gonna cost more but not for now?Is my Pro gonna cost 25 or 99 , if 99 …i cannot continue.

It’s important to remember this is Team-based pricing. If you only have a single app that requires new Pro-level features, then it is more expensive. However, if you have multiple apps in a Team and you make that team Pro, then each of those apps has access to the Pro features.

You may be able to get away with the Starter plan if you only have one Pro app… It depends what you require. Wait for the full details to come out.

Either way, you’ll be able to keep your existing Pro plan for a while, so this won’t have any effect right away.


I want to afford my app as it is now with all the features being paid till now for pro but not at 99.
If its 25 ok its a gift , if its 99 its a farewell.

If you’ve only got a single Pro app, you may be fine with the Starter level team. Keep an eye out for the full details before worrying too much.

I hope i’m worried too much , lets see.

Although we can’t promise that pricing won’t change, we are expecting team plans to be the way our customers interact with and purchase Glide from now on

I know you are, If 25 plan for people like its like paying in terms of feature what i’m paying today ,its ok we have a deal.
Just keep watching but also thinking … .

Looks good as a whole but not great for individual apps. 10$ starter plan makes better deal in India. anyway thanks for adding features in the free plan.

Some questions:

Is there a limit on the number of users that can access a public App without sign-in e.g. a digital catalogue for restaurant or a city guide type of App?
What about a public pro App that is also set up as a digital catalogue type? Is there a limit on the number of users that can access the App or is Rows still the main limiting factor for each App?

  1. How many Apps can I create and publish in the “starter” package?

  2. Is there still going to be a monthly and annual packages?

Thank you for introducing these changes. I have had to go pro on and off and this will definitely enable me to go pro longer.

Just as feedback on why I was going pro on and off, I found the pricing a bit much as everytime I was creating an App to introduce to an industry player or customer, I would have to go pro just to trial that project. This will definitely allow for such cases where I can create a project, present it to a prospective client without having to spend extra for the extra App project.

Time to learn pages now I guess. I have been ignoring it for some time waiting for this type of announcement.
A big thanks to the Glide team for continuous improvement efforts.

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Hey, Luther! Answers to your questions below:

  1. Nope, there is no limit to Visitors (i.e., users who have not signed in) on all team plans. For Public and Private Users, each plan will support different numbers of Public and Private users, so you can choose the plan that best fits your needs. We will show the specifics for each plan next week

  2. On the Starter package, you can publish up to 5 Apps and Pages. You can have unlimited drafts (i.e., projects that are not published)

  3. We will launch with monthly plans only, but we will soon support annual plans

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Oooooooo it looks like I’m going to pay a bit more… Glide might give me a little less per app… and somehow I think I’m going to be happy about it… sorcery!

This definitely looks like it is going to be more aligned with my use and leave me with a little room to upgrade an extra app/page or two that I normally wouldn’t have.

Congrats to the Glide team that obviously took some time to figure out this next pricing iteration.

FWIW - Glide has been generous with a “Legacy” app that I had from the previous pricing change that is STILL on the Legacy plan (did I just hit the timing right?). For those of you worried with this change, I’d expect something similarly generous from them this time around too.