Migrating data to Glide Tables and deleting the Google sheet connection

Hello Gliders,

Last week, Glide emailed me and said that need to move the information I have in my template (Restaurant Menu Multilingual) from Google sheets to Glide Tables.

I copied all the information to Glide Tables, but now I want to delete all the connections between the Google sheets and my app, how I can do it?

I add an Image.

Thank you!

Currently, there is no way to remove a Google Sheet reference. The best you can do is go to your App’s data settings and point to a different empty Google Sheet.

There is currently a feature request to convert Sheets to Glide Tables, and that would also preserve your settings to your individual screens and tabs. Vote for it here:

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So you’ve already manually transferred all the data to glide tables, right? Now you can just create a new draft with no GSheet connection and link existing glide tables to it.

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@11183 except you lose all your computed columns when linking tables.

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Of course, sorry, didn’t mention that

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Seems like the team is looking into the option to completely remove Google Sheets, since it directly relates to their requirement to have exclusively Glide Tables in templates.


Hello all,

Thanks for your responses,

I spoke with Glide’s customer service today.
For now, it is not possible to eliminate the connection between Google Sheets and Glide, but they will soon add this feature, so we will be able to do it.

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