Unlink a Google sheet

Is there a way to unlink a Google sheet from an app once the internal Glide database has been completed?

An app will always have to be tied to a Sheet, you can change the source sheet but there’s no way to completely use an App with only Glide Tables as of now.

I assume that’s because the Logins, Comments, Sales etc. will still have to be written to the Sheet.


Hi ThinhDinh,
Does the above explanation still hold true because I would like to delete my Google sheet source and have only the internal Glide database?

Thanks for your time.

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Hi @Francis_O , I cannot say for sure because I just discovered today the ability to replace a Google Sheet as a source.

You could test and confirm the following:

  • In >Settings>Data, there isn’t the option to remove the Google Sheet data source. Not yet.
  • I have a Glide Table in the app, so to test I tried deleting the Google Sheet spreadsheet (“Delete forever” from trash) and I’m getting an error message from Glide. The original data still seems to be in Glide. Also, the app is not linked anymore to a sheet that’s been deleted so the error message seems to stem from an attempt to reload the sheet or sync with the sheet.

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Hi Nathan,

So glad you did the same thing I did. I got the exact same results.
Unfortunately, for now, it is not possible to delete the Google sheet forever as a source.

Maybe later in the future.
Thanks a lot for your time, much appreciated.

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Yup, we reached the same conclusion!

This is true. Glide Tables only app are available after that comment but at the moment we don’t have a way to move from one state to the other one (Sheets app to GT only app and vice versa).