How can I delete a google sheet from glide tables

Hello, How can I delete a google sheet from glide tables

For now, you cannot. But you can change the Google sheet being pointed to and point it to a blank document, and it won’t affect the speed of your app.


If that’s a scrap Google Document you’re pointing to right now, you can simply deleted the unneeded tabs and clear out the remaining one.

Some people like to keep Glide pointing to a Google sheet in case they need it later for something that can only be done in Sheets.

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The problem is that I cannot add another one…nor a excel!

This is what shows when I try to add an excel … It doesn’t even show the right choices!!!
It does not show the excel that I want to link/add, even though I linked/added the correct account! :sob:

If any of your tabs or forms point to anything in the existing Google Sheets, you may have issues.

You need to make certain nothing in your app uses those sheets in any way.

So…Is there a way to add an additional google sheet?

You can’t have multiple Google Sheets connected to an app. Instead of trying to to add a second Google sheet source, just replace the existing google sheet source.

You may need to convert your Excel file to a Google Sheet in Google Drive. Then you can then replace your existing google sheet with the new one.

Excel is an early release ALPHA, so there are still bugs to work out. If you are having trouble connecting to an Excel file in your OneDrive/365 account, I’m sure Glide would be happy to know more about your problem. You can submit a support ticket to the following link.