Deleting and Unlinking Google Sheets

Is it possible to delete google sheets that I no longer need in my glide project? For some reason I have an option to delete a table native to Glide, but I am not able to delete a google sheet.

Here’s the option I get when I right click the google sheet on the left hand side of my screen:

Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 5.33.57 PM

When I right click a glide table I get options such as “Unlink, Duplicate, Delete, Export”
Shouldn’t there be an option to “Delete” and “Unlink” for the google sheet as well?

I tried this and unfortunately that doesn’t work. When I open google sheets and right click the sheet tab that I want to get rid of, “delete” is not a clickable option.

Perhaps this is a feature of the free account. With the free account you are only allowed to import one google sheet. Maybe it does not allow you to delete that sheet that is imported?

I think you’re having a misunderstanding between Google Sheets and Glide Tables.

This is the Google Sheets layout. You should be able to delete as long as you have edit access to the Sheet.

You won’t be able to delete it from the Glide data view, which I think you did try in your comment above.

If your Sheet only has 1 sheet (Sheet1), then I don’t believe there’s a way to completely unlink the Spreadsheet from the app/page. Just to be clear, a Spreadsheet can contains many sheets (for terms’ sake).


Like @ThinhDinh said, to remove a sheet tab, you need to open the actual Google spreadsheet itself and delete the sheet tab. Not delete it through the glide builder. If you want to unlink the entire spreadsheet and all sheet tabs associated with that spreadsheet, I think it is possible though the data tab in the glide app settings.

(Sorry for the image quality, I created the screenshot using my phone)


Ah thanks for catching that. I believe we were not able to do that back in the days.

Also, a yellow circle today, not a red one? :wink:

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I like to switch it up every once in awhile. :wink:

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Thank you this was the solution I was looking for. I really appreciate your help with this!

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Thank you for your help! The main issue was that the google sheet may have been corrupted in my glide app. So when I went to delete the sheet, it wouldn’t let me.

I followed the other steps for removing the link to the google sheet, altogether.

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