Break connection to Google sheet

I would like to ditch the connection to the Google sheet in my App that was first created using a Google sheet. I don’t think this is possible directly (flag if possible please!) with the GDE for the app.

Is the workaround to create a new App - based on Glide Tables - then connect the old Glide tables used in the original app. In effect this duplicates the App minus the Google sheet. I could then simply delete the original App? Thoughts?!

No, I’m not aware of it being possible, either.

One thing to be aware of with shared Glide Tables is that it’s only the basic columns that are shared across apps. So you’d have to re-create all computed columns, as well as rebuild most (if not all) of your screens.

I guess my question would be - why bother going to all that trouble?
Just because a Google Sheet is connected, doesn’t mean you have to use it. You can just stop referencing the spreadsheet anywhere in your app, and leave it connected.

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Thanks Darren… you are 100% right. No point. Better to leave it!

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