Linking app to a google sheet?

Guys, help here!

My app is not conected with a google sheet, i started with the tables from Glide, but my client needs the infos in a sheet. So…

How do I Connect my pro app with a google sheets without the need to create a new app from scratch (cause I already paid the PRO)…

If this isn`t possible, how I transfer the “Pro Feature” I just paid to the new app?

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to connect an app to a google sheet if you initially built it with glide tables only. Not sure why, but that’s how it is right now. I think you would have to rebuild the app. Your glide tables can be used in the new app, but you would still have to recreate any computed columns. We try to advise that it’s best to connect any new app to a google sheet…even if you don’t have a need to right away.

What kind of information are you trying to get out of the app? You could consider a webhooks and integromat or Zapier integration to export the data when an action happens in the app. That could then write data to a google sheet.

Also, you can downgrade or unsubscribe an existing app. Any amounts already paid will be pro-rated and credited to your glide account. You can then upgrade another app and that credited amount will go towards the new app.