How do you connect your Google Sheet to Glide app?


I am new to Glide and I cannot find documentation on how to connect my Google sheet of data to the app I created (i used the City Template).

I would be very grateful if someone could tell me how to do it or point me to a help article.

Thank you,


go to this url and start a new app

It is that simple
I am also new but learning everyday.


You connect an app to a sheet when the app is created. You cannot change the sheet the app is connected to after creating the app, but you can completely replace the contents of any Google Sheets document with anything you want

Thank you, David. How do I change the sheet when I copy a template app, e.g. City Guide.


Copying a template will create a new sheet in your google drive. That’s the sheet you would edit.

Like Imran mentioned; you go to:

[ ]

But you need to click on “Glide Page” and then ou will see the Google Sheets option.

xoxo Rose