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So, I have a question. If I select the option to allow someone to copy my app as a template, after it’s copied to their Glide account and the template to that Google Drive, how do they move the Google Sheet to a folder without it losing connection to the app?

Or, is there a way to say copy the apps layout only and attach a template Google Sheet to it that has all the same layout but different information.

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Google sheets have a unique ID attached to them. You should be able to rename the sheet or move it to any folder without breaking the link to the Glide app. That unique ID will always be the same.

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Forgot one other piece to that question.

Does the same apply if I were to duplicate the app?

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If you duplicate the app, you can either choose to use the same sheet or copy the sheet. Everything else would still apply as far as renaming and moving the existing/new sheet.

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