Transferring an app to another glide subscriber


I fly helicopters for a tour company in Hawaii, and they asked me to automate their postflight data collection and record keeping. All inputs to date are manually typed into google sheets on the company Google drive.

I found glide as a solution, and got permission from my company to build the app outside of their Google drive (on my own drive) so I could have some autonomy to create the app without having “test” data impact live data.

I have built an app that will allow a small commercial aviation company to collect post flight data (numbers of landings, flight hours, types of flight etc.), which can then be processed to support maintenance and operations decisions. I am ready to migrate the Google Sheet (that is used to “catch” and process all of the data the app collects through input forms) over to the company google drive so it can talk to their maintenance and operations sheets. Can I do that and have the app go with it, or do I need to (re)build the app on it once I get the Google Sheet in its new home?

Also, the follow-on question is how do I do the same if/when I sell the app as a template?

Here is the app:

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You don’t have to rebuild the app. If you let them copy it back, then a copy of your original sheet will also be available in the purchaser’s Drive.

I am confused.

I have created a Glide account for my company now, and I want to transfer the app (with the supporting google sheets) from my Glide account to the company - how do I do that?

I have found that the google sheets need to reside on the company google sites in order to print report to the network printers properly

If you want full ownership for the company account, as I said above you can allow copying the original app, then login as the company account and copy it back, then connect that copy with the company’s Sheet.