Transfer App to another Account

i’ve created an app at work to test Glide with my proffessional email address. This app is not needed at work, but i want to continue it later at home.
How can i transfer my app from my proffessional Google account to my private Google account?

thanks in advance



The easiest way would be to go into your app , under privacy, turn on “allow anybody to copy app…”. Then go to the url of your app in s computer browser at home and click on the copy template button that shows on the screen. Once you have copied the app, you can turn off the allow copy on the original version.

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Thank you Jeff Hager! This is what i was looking for.

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When I do this I have a error

Could you share the app you get the error with, please?

I’ve only had time to look at it for a moment, but the reason might be that there is too much data in your spreadsheet. If you have lots of data in your spreadsheet that your app is not using, could you remove that?

ok, I do that.
Also one more thing, At present this application is as per old T&C, i.e. unlimited Data Rows. If change the ownership What Happen? i.e. Limit to 500 Data rows or unlimited…?

Copies of your app will be subject to the 500 row limit.

But why it is not copying app scripts from original file

Glide doesn’t see or have any control over your scripts. All it can do it copy all of the data, make a new sheet in a new user’s account, then fill it with the data it copied. This is quite different to how Google makes copies of sheets.

Scripts are attached to a sheet. I don’t think they are necessarily part of a sheet. I think you can make a copy within Google drive, and it may copy everything, but that’s Google making a copy of a Google product. Not a third party trying to make a copy. It’s a completely different process and Google has more access to itself than it would ever allow to third parties.

I think it’s not of a limitation that google imposes and Glide can only do so much with these limitations.

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Hello Paul. Because you have some knowledge with copying templates, I’m hoping you know the answer to my question. You see I have an app that was made in classic. I now want to give copies of the template to others. This other person has a glide account. when they put the link in and click on copy in glide, it seems to be doing something. But after a bit the app doesn’t appear in their account. Do you have an idea why? Essentially I would like to just give others copy of the app I build and have them deal with glide directly.

Are you using Google Sheets as a backend, and did the other person sign up with a Gmail account?

yes, the other person has a google email and drive account with google sheet. The app was built on the classic version. I will most likely update the app to the newer version of Glide, but I’m struggling to understand my options on how I can provide this app to others. I want to keep things simple and inexpensive and that is why I was hoping that I could simply provide others with a copy (template) of my app. By doing it this way, the app’s database should remain small enough to stay fast. In addition, by giving others a copy, I will not need to manage their data limits and if they choose to exceed the data limits, they can pay Glide directly.

it is also worth noting that the pricing page does not show any pricing. I believe something is wrong with the webpage.

Yeah I think this is a good direction. I’m not sure why it didn’t work why the copy function didn’t work on your Classic App though.

@Darren_Murphy can you confirm that “Create template project” is the way to allow others to copy now?

It is, with one caveat. There is a bug that prevents Private Templates from being copied by anyone other than the template owner. And I have no idea if or when this will ever be fixed (it was identified and reported months ago). So Private Templates are basically useless at the moment :man_shrugging:

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@Darren_Murphy Thank you for sharing this. I have been reading, researching, trying for a while now. Are there ANY methods out there that allows you to copy a glide app over to another account? Thanks in advance. Happy Friday.

If you only need the other account to see and edit the app, then you can add it to a team where both emails are members. If you want the new email to have full ownership, then we need the private templates thing to be fixed…

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