Unable to made copies of apps

My app’s URL:
I am learning glide. I am unable to make copies of the following Apps.

Looks like a bug in https://go.glideapps.com/ I see bunch of errors in browser console.


Nether one of those apps is set up to be copied. The share that you see is only to share the link for the app itself. If it was set up by the developer to be able to be copied that button would say “COPY THIS APP” and would look like this:

I tried to allow my team to copy my app. But got an error:

“Oh sheet! An error occured duplicating the app.”

I duplicated my original app.
And then from the duplicated app, I checked allow anyone to copy myapp and sheet as a template.

Did anything else I missed?

Thanks in advanced for your help.

It sounds like you did everything correctly. I assume that the words “COPY THIS APP” appears when they run the app. The person copying the app needs to be logged into their Glide account and in the opening area of Glide.

I’ve checked this too.
They have logged in to glideapps working area.
Yet, still get the same error.

I’ve had this happen to me too with some apps.

So, how?

@Mark ?? In case you missed this one.

Could you please point me to an app that you cannot copy? I can’t reproduce this issue with my apps.

Sorry to bother everyone but I was using “Make your own App with Glide” blue button. I thought it would make a copy of the App.

I have linked one external google sheet in my app.
Is that can be a reason why my team cannot copy my app?

As long as Glide can access the spreadsheet it should be able to copy the app.

Could you please point me to the app that you cannot copy?


Thank you.

This will be fixed tomorrow, but even then the charts in your spreadsheet won’t be copied, unfortunately. The problem is that a Google Sheet can be in a state where we can’t make a copy of it, and in that case we remove anything that might be the cause of that. We missed something, which ended up being in the charts. Because we missed it we couldn’t copy your spreadsheet at all. Now however the charts will be gone in the copy. Your original spreadsheet will of course not be affected.

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Thanks a lot for your prompt response, @Mark :+1::+1:

Hi Marcos, I have the same problem with several apps.

Today I was working normally and from one moment to another it won’t let me copy the apps

By the way, I’m from Colombia and I don’t speak English, so I use a translator. Excuse the translation

Hola John,
Nos mandas un mail a support@glideapps.com con las URL’s de los apps que no puedes copiar?

Recuerda que apps que su origen es un template no se pueden copiar.


I can not copy: https://go.glideapps.com/template/TMU1F5FLdoc2bP13GhyY-template-published/dl/74c4fe

It’s a known issue that hasn’t been fixed.

Lets close this topic. It’s really old and a completely unrelated issue to the current one.

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