App wont copy to other accounts

I have tried to copy it to multiple accounts but no luck. It keeps showing that its loading.

My app’s URL:

How big is the sheet? This can happen when the sheet has too many rows.

Just for my understanding, is there a different process in play when duplicating apps in my own account vs copying somebody else’s app?

How I’m possibly envisioning the process is that when duplicating my own sheet, it’s just an API copy command to Google to copy the sheet and Google handles the copy process, whereas copying somebody else’s template needs to route the entire sheet contents through glide and into the new users Google account?

Just trying to understand why duplicating my own app always works, but copying someone else’s app can sometimes not work.

only 198/500

You’re right, when you copy your own app we just tell Google Drive to copy the spreadsheet. That’s not possible when copying somebody else’s app, unfortunately. To do that we have to download the spreadsheet, and then upload it to your account, which fails in some circumstances that we’re catching one by one.

I’m looking at this one now.

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The problem with the spreadsheet is that it has a ton of empty cells that have a format set. If you delete all empty rows in all the sheets it should copy.

i justgot an email that another app is incompatible. happened suddenly while building.why is this happening? how do i avoid because i have to rebuild another app. second one this week.

Could you share the app that’s incompatible, please?

It seems that the “Book Genre” column in the “Options” sheet went missing, but looks like it’s back.

yea it disappeared while i was working on it, then i got the incompatibility notice. Can i still use this app?

It disappeared from your spreadsheet? You didn’t delete it?

Everything seems to be back to normal. When you get an incompatibility notice, you can do one of two things:

  1. Restore whatever you removed from your spreadsheet.
  2. If you meant to remove it from the app, just click “Reload sheet” in Glide. It will warn you that it might remove components connected to the columns you removed (or even tabs, if you removed whole sheets).

Ok. I don’t remember deleting anything but look again. Thanks for the prompt reply.

You’re saying the “Book Genre” column disappeared from your spreadsheet and then reappeared, without you modifying it?

The component disappeared while I editing the add screen

Just checked. The book genre column is still there.

Was there a yellow warning triangle on “Reload sheet” while you were editing the add screen, and did you click it?

I honestly don’t remember. It was late. I went to sleep after it disappeared

Should I have clicked it?

If “Reload sheet” has a warning triangle and you click it, it will show you a dialog that warns you that something went missing in your spreadsheet, and if really want to reload, Glide will remove associated components and/or tabs.

If you did not intend to remove anything from your app, go to your spreadsheet and restore whatever got deleted.