Copy Template, Error

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Trying to move an app from personal account to business, I added copy as template feature on the personal account and keep getting an “error occurred while trying to copy this app” when I copy to the business account. Any ideas?

Is the spreadsheet huge with a lot of data or a lot of empty rows not being used? I have seen where Mark mentioned that as a issue for someone else who was having a similar issue. If this is the case you could clean up the spreadsheet and give it another try. Also another thought, are you able to make a copy of the app from within your personal account?
One more, are you sure that Glide has access to that business account? Have you created a simple sample spreadsheet on that business account and created a Glide app linked it?
Just a few things to think about.

The spreadsheet is pretty big. But all of the unused rows/columns have been deleted. I am able to make a copy of the app within the personal account. Glide does have access to the business account, and has a working app on it.

I am now having an issue were it won’t let me reload the app from the personal account. Other apps in the personal account are reloading properly.

Claire, I’m trying to look into the issue, but that app doesn’t exist. Did you change its name?

Yes I’m sorry.

You have over 30000 rows in one of your sheets. Is it possible to remove that sheet from the spreadsheet, or at least remove most of the rows? When Glide reloads the spreadsheet it has to download all that data, which can take quite a lot of time. We’re working on making this faster, but if it’s easy for you to remove that data that would fix the problem right away.

BTW, If there is data in those rows you need, you can always copy it back to the sheet after you move it to the business account.

That worked! I don’t know when so many rows got added but that fixed everything! Thank you!