Transfer Google Sheet hosting glide data to another Google account

Hi there,

I created a glideapp for an organization using my Google account, and of course, the Google Sheet is stored on my Google Drive. But now that the app is running, I need to transfer the Google Sheet to another account (someone in the organization) so it is not stored on my account anymore. Is it possible to do that without breaking the app ?

If it is, please tell me how.
If it is not, please tell me you have a brilliant solution !

I know people on this forum have been talking about whether moving a Sheet within an account was possible or not (it turns out it is), but I haven’t seen anything about moving a Sheet into another account.

Thank you in advance !


Thank you very much ! Sorry I didn’t find these topics before, it is kind of hard to find what you look for !


Hi, I am in the same boat. I would like to transfer my app to another gmail account. How do I do this?

Did you check out any of the posts I listed above?

Hi Jeff,
I know I have seen your responses to the questions above at some point while looking through this thread… but can’t for the life of me find them again… which is why I think ArehtStaging asked the same questions again - your answers do not seem to be visible. Could you please re-post your answer(s) or somehow make them visible to newbies like me who are trying to find our way through the questions and answers? Thanks heaps.

As for me, I have the same issue… I have built an app in my personal Google Account and now want to hand it over to my Client (my church, not a commercial job)… deploy it in their Google Account and link to a new/updated Google Sheet that they will now maintain for themselves… I do not want to publish as a template and go through all the steps to make it compliant (videos etc) when all I want to do is get it off my private Google Account and into theirs… But is publishing as a template the only current solution? Thanks in advance…

Are you unable to open any of the posts I listed above? They all appear to be public. None of them describe submitting a template to be considered for the template store. All it involves is temporarily allowing your app to be copied, perform the copy with the other account, then disable the copy function. I will post the same instructions that are listed in the above attached posts.

Brilliant Jeff… No, I cannot read any of these posts you have just sent to me on my browser… your posts don’t open for me… But I’m not a frequent user of these sorts of forums. This answers things for me… I will work my way through this and see how I go. Thanks so much for such a rapid and thorough response!!

Should say, I can read your lastest post no problem so it all is clear now.

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That’s interesting. Normally in my experience, if the shared post shows context and not just a url or title, then it’s visible to everyone. Otherwise I believe only regular forum users can see some content. I’m not really clear though on what the rules are for who can see what, as I’ve seen fairly new users comment in restricted forum categories. Maybe it has to do with completing the basic forum tutorial. Just a guess.

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