Need to make someone else the app owner

I created the app with my current work account. The app has been distributed to the entire school community. I am leaving this district for an entirely new job and I want to make one of my colleagues the new owner of the account so that all of the links to the app that are already distributed don’t break.

Is this possible?

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Thank you. We have already distributed the app with the existing URL. If I change the URL then those apps stop functioning. You are correct that the app should have been built from a generic account initially. I now have a generic account to which I could transfer ownership. It seems like that is not actually possible. I was hoping for a Google Drive-esque solution: add collaborator, transfer ownership, done.

Do you know if the app will shutdown when the district closes my Google account? As long as the app persists, other people can edit the Google Sheet as necessary, they just can’t change the app template.

My suggested solution to this presuming the new owner knows how to use glide. If they don’t you might have to train them or you could run into problems.

If you are creating a new school gmail this would be the easiest but if you are giving it to another person the steps are the same. Email is email no matter who it belongs to.

But the sheet will need to be transferred and shared with the new gmail and in the share settings set the new person as owner (But do the owner part last) Just share it for now with editing access.

Log into glide with the new user email, and create a new app and call it a temporary name like (Schoolapp2)
The good thing with glide is that it will recreate the app based on the configuration you have set in sheets and you have to just do some minor adjustment until you get it just right.

After you have gotten your version 2 app set right in the new email with the shared sheet, then you change the name of the original app to something like “OldSchoolapp”, This will release the unique username from being locked by glide.

You can now go into the Version 2 app and rename it to original name that everyone has.

Glide is pretty fast at releasing app names, the name will become available in approximately 20 seconds.

Once you have confirmed that everything is working you can change the owner of the sheet and remove yourself as user.

One other caveat, Make sure you also transfer any files you have and re point any reference to images or links that were pointing to your drive. If the references were outside of your google drive and on the web then those link will still work.

I’ve done this before and it works well, the only downfall is the time it takes to reconfigure the new app but glide makes it easy.

Good luck.

It worked! Thank you so much!

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If it worked, that’s great, but wouldn’t the original sheet owner still be attached to the file, thus not a complete transfer and disconnect from the original owner? I’m just speculating. There may be some advantages as pointed out in other threads, but the same thing could have been done with creating a copy of the app. The app and sheet would have been copied to the new owner. Then there would not be a need to fix the app when it’s rebuilt from scratch from a sheet. My app has hundreds of components and customizations that I know for a fact Glide could never replicate using it’s artificial intelligence. It would probably take me days to replicate and test how the original app worked. A simple copy of the app could handle this in a matter of minutes. I still agree with the procedure to transfer a URL.

The issue is not in the duplication it’s in the transfer.

Glide does not currently allow us to share or distribute apps from one glide user to the other so even if u duplicate the app you still did not transfer it.

There is no other way but to rebuild the app with a new account.

Agreed. There is no true transfer option, but the app and sheet can be copied along with all of the data, and the copied version can assume the role of the original app once the URL is updated. Unless there’s some hidden app id where Android or IOS would not recognize that the URL is pointing to a “new” app with the same URL as the old one. There may be a couple minutes of down time while the URL is updated, but either method would have this issue. The only time copy doesn’t work is when you are pointing multiple apps to the same sheet, one app would copy fine, but you would have to rebuild the others.

What URL? If you mean the glide one then all you need to do is follow the steps outlined above and rename the original one to something else and name the newly created one the original name. FYI, this is probably what @Jeff_Hager said but I read his after I replied. Anyway this is a different way of saying the same thing.

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