Security and confidentiality

I would be grateful if anyone can answer this question please.

I would like to make copies of my Glide App and give copies to new owners (1 unique new copy per new owner). This is standard stuff.

I understand I can then transfer ownership of the Google Sheet in the Sheet settings. In this way the new owner can be assured that any data generated after they begin using the Glide App will be restricted and controlled by them (they just need to delete my access to the Sheet).

However, will the Glide App work if I am removed from having any access to the Google Sheet? After all, the Glide App was created based on one of my Google docs.

It would be a problem if the App requires me to retain access infinitum. It could be a barrier to the new users wanting to use the App.

I appreciate a work around is for new users to have a Glide account and get a copy of the App template, but I want to avoid forcing them to do this.


If I’m not wrong, when you copy a new app, a kind of bond is created between the app and the specific Google Sheet’s API so that it can update things back and forth. Transferring the ownership, from my understanding, won’t affect anything, I just made a test copy of an app and removed my own access, 5 minutes has gone and it hasn’t affected anything yet.

From this forum’s post, an issue might only happen when you change your own Google account’s password. There have been syncing issues when a user changes their password, some apps were not able to sync with their own Sheet.

In your case though, don’t the app owners want access to the Editor at all?


Thanks a lot for the great response and for your small experiment. That’s very reassuring. Please let me know if your App stops working, now some hours later!

I am intrigued to know if you can still inspect the data in the Google Sheet by using the option to view/edit the data from the Glide App Editor (Data). Even thought the App still works, I’m hoping you can no longer see the Data from Glide Editor since technically you no longer have the right to access the Google sheet… can you share what you see please? Is it blocked?

To answer your question, don’t app owners want access to the Editor? Well no, the App is designed to be fully self sufficient. I wish to distribute my App independently from the Glide Apps website. I may be wrong, but I think the average user will be put off using the App if they have to create a Glide account and learn the basics.

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