Transfer sheets property and apps to another owner

I did a big Google Spreadsheet the contains a lot of tabs and there is 4 Glideapps linked to this Spreadsheet. It is in my Google Account and now I want to transfer to a Church Community, because I want to create Scripts to send email, and this emails should go with a corporative mail, not mine. What do you recommend to do this transference?
I thought in put the apps for a copy like a template for a while and with a Chuch Account make the copy. The issue is that each copy will create a different sheet and all the apps are connected, só, they need to in same Google Spreadsheet. Then, I don’t know how to solve this. :pray:t2:


Hey @marcovrj,

That sounds like quite an involved process. Perhaps someone will reply here, but if not - have you considered hiring a Glide Expert to help you? These are really experienced members of the Glide community and I think someone like @matt or @George_B would be able to help with the migration.


Edit: I guess I should have tried this method before suggesting it. You can’t select what spreadsheet to attach to when making a duplicate. I confused the process with what Google Forms allows. Here is the dialog for making a duplicate app in Glide.
You can only keep the same sheet or create a new empty one, not select an existing one.

And you can’t select anything when you copy from a Template. You get a copy of the app and a copy of the spreadsheet as it exists at the time of the copy.

Sorry! No other ideas.

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I haven’t tested this but it should work, and if it doesn’t you have lost nothing in trying but a few minutes of time.

Just do what you originally said. Allow the copy as template for the 4 apps, and copy them into the Church account. The turn off the template share (I think you can do this.) Make a copy of your single live spreadsheet into the Churches Google Drive. Then in the Church account, make a copy of each one of those 4 apps and select the option to not create a new spreadsheet but to connect to an existing spreadsheet. Obviously select the single spreadsheet that you want all of them connected/linked to.

That should do it. Let us know how you made out.

When I’m copying, can I choose what is the Spreadsheet I want?
If no, when I duplicate the app keeping the same Spreadsheet, each app with their Sheet will keep different Spreadsheet.
In time: thank you so much for your answer and time. :heart_eyes:

@marcovrj See edited original post. It seems like my process has a fatal flaw. Sorry for giving you some false info.


No problem guy. You would have intended to help!
My really trouble is to solve this transference challenge. :sweat_smile:

I know the Glide folks have been asked this question before, how to change the database a given App is linked to. Apparently it is pretty complex in the back end. @Mark any advice for this gentleman who wants to pass these 4 apps he has developed that point to a single data, to another user?

If you are only wanting to send emails with the Church Community’s email, have you considered using Integromat. Integromat will allow you to create scenarios to send emails using the Church Community email as long as you are given access to it.

Thanks. Integromat is an amazing tool. The issue is the number of free operations. It would end as fast as I can see them. Haha. But it’s a good ideia.

What I would like to do is change the owner of a Glide app to another user, but keep the underlying spreadsheet the same (not make a copy of it - the new owner already owns the spreadsheet.

Is this possible?

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I have an idea for you…

If the real need is to be able to send mails that goes out from the church’s domain (which I assume is Google account as well) then you could do the following:

  1. Share the original spreadsheet with the relevant church account
  2. Create a copy of the spreadsheet under the church account.
  3. Delete all the data in the copied file and keep all the formatting.
  4. Use importrange function to import all the data from the original file in each sheet (this will import the data in almost real time)
  5. Create your mail script in the copied version which include the importrange.

This is not very elegant but I think this could solve your problem.

Let me know if this worked.

You need to allow copying if your app and than send the link to the customer. When he opens the link in desktop he will be able to copy the app. I think it will automatically create a copy of the spreadsheet as well but I guess the customer won’t have a problem starting to work with the new copy instead of the otiginal

Thanks for sharing. The issue is that there is an advice is GlideApps documentation that say you can’t assume this real time import to another sheet because IMPORTRANGE doesn’t work if you don’t open manually the sheet. For this case, opening by Glideapps doesn’t work. I’ve never tested, but it’s on documentation.

Not entirely correct.
You can set your spreadsheet to calculate automatically every minute in the setting or on change etc.
I use importrange in many if my spreadsheets and they get auto update all the time. Just make sure you build it correctly to not over the limit of the importrange

Nice. Could you share with us how to do it?

It means that I can have a perfect copy of spreadsheet available to another and I can put email tracking (Google Script, Zapier, Integromat, etc.) to use it even I don’t open the sheet?

Do you now what is the limit of IMPORTRANGE? Is there á documentation?

To answer the first part. Simply yes. Pending on your triggers for the emails you can maybe avoid script and use formmule add on.
As for the limit, not sure but I believe you could search it I. Google.
I usually limit the importrange formula to about 1000 rows and 50 columns and than add a new importrange formula in row 1001 etc.

I’d like to see how you pull that off. I have had no luck with Importrange when the spreadsheet is not open in a browser.

Have you set up your spreadsheet to update every minute?
Later I’ll be at my PC and I’ll make example.

I can tell you that as an example of a use I’m doing is that I have a dashboard I prepared for a customer which is pulling data from 6 different spreadsheets and is also sharing data with 2 more files and its working perfectly.

Another trick you could do is hide a NOW formula somewhere in your file that will encourage the every minute update to work

see example:

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The problem is that the original spreadsheet has a lot of charts and graphs who’s published URL changes when making a copy of the original.

Also, I have other spreadsheets that link to the original, thus I want to keep the copied Glid app linked to the original spadsheet.

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