Is it possible to change the source spreadsheet of an app?

Hi everybody,
Is it possible to change the source file of an app ?


No, Glide doesn’t support that at the moment. Why do you want to do that?

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I have 2 apps on the same sheet. I want to make a copy of the 2 apps with a new sheet. If i duplicate the 2 apps with a new sheet, i’ll have 2 apps and 2 sheets, i want to change the source of one of them.


I see. Thank you for the explanation. We’ll think about the problem.


I started with 4 sheets, 4 tabs. However right after moving the tabs around for some reason 2 tabs are pointing at one sheet. So I’d like to change the source back to the right sheet.

Would you mind sharing your app, please?

Also, can you reproduce this problem starting from a new app? If so, could you please make a video showing how? Other users are experience the same problem and we’re having trouble reproducing it.

Thank you!

Oooh hi Mark just replied to your mail. I’ll copy paste the same here:

Here it is,… I did fix it already though. I deleted the one tab from the sheet that wasn’t showing, and recreated it. So it showed up again. It wasn’t a heavy populated sheet so I didn’t have to redo that much work.

It happened right after moving the navigation item, one part moved but it took the reference of sheet of the position it was moved too,… I wasn’t able to reproduce and I do know my connection was a bit glitchy. My best guess is that 1 change was sent, and a followup call wasn’t received.

Mark - here’s a real-world use for that request: I have an app that has a roster of all my drivers, supervisors, admin, etc. Currently, it shows all their phone numbers. The Supervisors need the version of the app with all phone numbers. My boss just asked for a version to share with the rest of the staff that doesn’t have all the phone numbers. I duplicated the staff tab in my spreadsheet, flagged those where I don’t want numbers to show, and added the tab. Rather than rebuild several layouts that used the first tab as a source, it would be great to just have to change the source tab on an existing layout and all the other elements stayed the same.


Expected this capability would exist by now.

I have a Google Sheet that is currently getting lots of visits since previously we shared the sheets link publicly. I’ve now built a Glide app on top of it, but I don’t want that sheet to be public anymore. Was thinking of changing the data source on the app, and add a notice + link on the old sheet leading people to our Glide app instead.

Alternatively, I tried creating a new Glide app on top of a new sheet but I noticed if I create a new app it won’t be considered Pro anymore and I’ll need to upgrade each individual app? Strange

Duplicate your current app including the sheet. When you publish your new app, change the URL in the new app to be the same as the URL from the old app. (Change the URL in the old app first - it won’t let you use a URL that’s already in use.) The new app will be looking at your new sheet, and you can now change visibility of the old sheet without losing functionality of your app. You also won’t confuse customers by sending them to a new app.

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Oh nice!! Hadn’t thought of this, but that’s a great way to build a new version of an app in private then release when ready. Just would require manually copying any data from the old sheet that was input while you were l working on the new version. A handful of copy and pastes.


I haven’t had to transfer a pro account to another app…at least not since the new billing page, so I’m not entirely sure how the process works, but I think it’s possible based on this post. Just duplicate the app and transfer the subscription.

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I intuitively did this before reading your comment but the step I missed was changing the URL in the old app first…

So now since my new app is pointing to the same URL, i still see the old app showing up and not the new. deleted the old app and still no luck.

Changed custom URL to another subdomain and reconfigured DNS records but that didn’t help either. Seems like a cache issue from Glide side? doubt it’s dns propagation since it’s taken way longer than it did for the first app

Are you saying that you deleted the old app, but that’s the version that’s still opening? How did you differentiate the old and new app so you can tell the difference?

I’ve created a new topic for this here

but to answer your question, I’ve added “NEW” to the title of the new one so it looks different.

old short url:

old custom url:

new short url:
new custom url:
since i couldnt get to point to the new app, i’m trying, and still no luck

tried incognito mode and different devices and ISP and it’s strange why this still persists

Found this, so maybe you just need to wait longer. No idea though.

I’ve never gone through the process, but my only thought is maybe your dns records are still referring to the old codes that you entered from Glide.

Hi Mark, was a solution to the specific problem above ever found?

Hi Tim, I can’t seem to get this to work. After setting a URL for the old app, and publishing the new app, I can’t set the new app to have the old app’s URL. If I change the old app URL, and assign the new app to have the same name as the old app’s former URL, nothing happens. Could you somehow demonstrate this step by step?

Hi Olivier, Hi Mark,

You precisely described the problem i just discovered I had !
I too have 2 apps on the same sheet, and wanted to make copies of these 2 apps.

Has there been any news on that very specific question ? Will i have to build all over again one of the two apps for each copy i wish to create ?

Thanks a lot for the great job !

There is a lot of new functionality from Glide that makes it much easier to build everything into a single app. If I were you, I would try to build one single app instead of separate apps. You can control a lot of visibility and authority without the need to separate apps.

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