BOOOOOM 💥 - Change Source Sheet

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Glide Team you’re AMAZING - this new ability is a life change event for me - THANKS!!!


nice. what will you use it for?

Many times I need to do massive changes in my sheet so now instead of working on the live production file I can do this elsewhere, do all my testing and when the file is ready just replace it with the old one and add the new functionality to my app w/o the users knowing and w/o needing to duplicate the app and change URL

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@yinon_raviv quick question - how do you synchronise any changes made by the users on the live app sheet with the data on the new sheet?


Just wanna chime in, I develop many MVPs for clients and sometimes I do have to insert scripts in there. When they duplicate the app over, the scripts are not transferred over. With this I can let them change the source sheet to the original one so I don’t have to take care of that part anymore.


So I’m looking at an app I have on the bench, checking out the new feature. The sheet shown here isn’t the sheet driving my app, and even weirder: the sheet driving the app doesn’t even have a tab called “Coffee Shop”.

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A live App may have many formulas within its GDE pointing to G.S. # 1 (which usually has its own formulas (e.g. Arrayformulas, commands, google scripts, zapier, stripe, etc.).

Repointing to another data source file, we have three challenges:

  1. There is no way to test the live App (off-hours) pointing to G.S. # 2 without needing to calibrate all the GDE formulas to work with new changes in G.S. # 2 (and of course, reverse all that back if not yet ready to stick to G.S. # 2)
  2. Duplicate the Google Scripts that are linked with G.S. # 1 (or build variables and paths to switch environment)
  3. Live data migration from G.S. # 1 to G.S. # 2 if we want the live App to remain pointing to G.S. # 2.

I frankly can’t see how I can utilize this feature for testing purposes on a live App and not duplicate the App!!

We need to understand the “driving science” or rational that drove Glide to introduce this feature.

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@adelhammoud I think it was mostly those that needed a way to duplicate admin and user apps while still allowing the duplicated apps to point to a single sheet. Before, there was no possible way to create a duplicate of an admin/user combo that could still share a sheet.


Thanks Jeff. That makes since in this case, multiple apps pointing to same sheet. I did have a feature request to have one App pointing to multiple google sheets files.

That would be greatly beneficial.

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I’m intrigued by this feature. I don’t know all of my uses currently but a couple that come to mind are:

  1. Duplicating a Google Sheet and then using the “new” Spreadsheet I can have Glide reference this new one and archive my old / finished one. I am thinking of specific budgets templates that I use but need to swap out based on particular projects. This would (theoretically) allow my team to never have to update their previously installed glide app and I can dictate what information shows up.
  2. In creating some test apps with dummy information, when my client / team has decided on the final look and feel, I’ll easily be able to switch over to the official / live version that was simultaneously being developed, yet keep my dummy data.

I do conference operations and see this being handy to switch around data yet make it easy for my attendees / users in that they don’t have to re-“download” my app. Would this be accurate?

Thanks Glide! I’m sure I’ll find some uses for this feature (I know I had this idea previously, but the specific use-case is not coming back to me, haha).