Change table!

Change table?
I created the original spreadsheet on Google. Then I built it on Glide! I ask now did glide make any glide spreadsheet from this google (Drive) spreadsheet? If I make changes to Google, will they update to glide? What and where is this glide table? I made another table and I should replace it with the original table, how do I do that … or would it be easiest to copy the contents?

If your question is whether any changes made on your glide tables will populate to your google spreadsheet, the answer is no ; they are not linked.

Is that answering your question ?

I’m not very clear about what your problem is, do you mean:

1/You created a Google Sheet in your Google account.
2/You created an app and link to that spreadsheet?
3/You’re asking if you make changes in that spreadsheet will it sync to Glide? If you did step 2 then the answer is yes.
4/You’re asking if you can change an app’s source sheet? Yes you can do that.

Hey Thinh.

  1. yes.
  2. yes, i created a glide where I searched for a google sheet.
  3. Did I understand correctly , if I make changes to the google sheet then the data will be linked to the glide, but not the other way around? So Glide makes your own table glide and can update it in the glide editor but not sync to googlesheet? What is the purpose of this glide table, does it feel a bit pointless?
  4. ok but i didn’t change the spreadsheet but i updated the google sheet and the data moved!
    Thanks for your patience, a little bit of this is starting to work out!


  1. kyllä.
  2. kyllä, loin glidellä jolloin hain google sheetin.
  3. ymmärsinkö oikein, jos teen muutoksia google sheet niin tiedot linkkittyvät glideen, mutta ei päinvastoin ? Glide siis tekee oman taulukon glideen ja sitä voi päivittää glide editorissa mutta tiedot eivät synkronoidu googlesheet ? Mikä tämän glide taulukon tarkoitus on, se tuntuu vähän turhalta ?
  4. ok, mutta en muuttanut taulukkoa vaan päivitin google sheet ja tiedot siirtyivät !
    Kiitos kärsivällisyydestä, vähän tämä alkaa selvitä !

I think this might help…

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If you mean syncing two-way between Glide and Sheet then yes, you can sync two-way.

If you meant to ask about Glide Tables, please read the thread Darren linked above.