Allow anyone to copy your app as a template

I’m trying to pass this app to other members of my team but they got once and again an error.
The google sheet is shared by link

It’s ok!
There was a hidden sheet that seemed to block the process. Once that sheet was not hidden we could copy the app

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Hey @david,

I have an app I am trying to duplicate but the option does not show in the new Builder, under Sharing.
Are there new requirements to meet before we can duplicate an app?

My app is Public with email

Let me know


Did you build your app from an existing template? You can’t share apps built from templates. Are you trying to duplicate it for yourself, or to share with others?

Oh… yah I think it might be from a template
oh dear… that is not good :rofl:

I wanted to duplicate for myself, because the Gdoc it is based on belongs to a GSuite account that will be decommissioned :sweat_smile:

So if there is a way to change the Gdoc underlying an app let me know (though I doubt it)
Else I guess I’ll need to redo the entire app, from scratch lol :sob:

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I don’t remember if that restriction applies to self duplicating, but have you tried to duplicate through the glide dashboard instead of trying to make it copyable?


Oh, I did not know we could do that.
Thanks man!

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I don’t see this share option in my settings as well. The app is not a template.

My application that I duplicated on a professional account at my company is finished. I continued to develop my app on the professional account but now apparently I can no longer duplicate to another production professional account. I hope I don’t have to recreate the entire app from scratch an app that I’ve been developing for two months.
What do you recommend ?

Is your app inside a team?


Do you see this option in your builder?

I saw this option on my first personal Gmail account. Now I can’t see it anymore because 3 weeks ago I copied and continued to develop the app on another Gmail account in my company.

Finally I managed to redo everything. I first copied the sheet then I added the special columns in the Glide database.
Then I copied all the components. It took me 6 hours of work but I’m glad to have the option to copy the app again.

I’m also not seeing this App Copy option on my sharing screen, it is a Pro App linked to a custom domain.
I just want to copy the app it to my other account.
Is there any other option to do this?

Did you build your app from a purchased template?

No, built it from scratch. I do see the checkbox in duplicates of this app, which are not Pro.

Yeah, I don’t think Pro apps can be copied.
But allowing a fresh duplicate to be copied should do the trick, no?

This is strange or a bug.
I pay for an app and can do less?