Share your app as a template in our new template gallery

Glide has a new template gallery and we’re looking for interesting templates from the community to add there:

If you have an app that you’d like to share in the template gallery so that others can copy it, please let me know! Make sure your sheet does not contain any personal information, as people will get a copy of your sheet when they copy your template.


Hello, my app is spreading. I’d like more information on the other end of sharing it.

My question is: what does someone who wants to copy my app has to do to set up his own copy?

A step by step would be great.

Does the end user has to make a copy of the app he’s just copied in order to leave the shared spreasheet clean?

Thanks for your help

There’s not much to copying an app. If it’s marked to be allowed to copy, then when a user clicks on copy, it makes an exact duplicate in their own account (app and sheet). No need to copy the copy.

Thanks for the clarification, good to know.
Once again, excuse my French, none of this is obvious in the documentation.

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The documentation contains a complete description of everything you and the user needs to do, along with a video showing the end-to-end process. It also states:

“anyone who visits your app will be able to copy it (and the underlying sheet)”

this process makes an exact duplicate of your sheet so anyone copying your app will receive all of your sheet’s data

What could we add to make this more obvious?


Not sure what it’d take, David. Maybe it’s obvious enough in English, it’s not to my French brain; after reading a couple of times when I shared my app before, it was not.

I appreciate the efforts you put into developping Glide, sometimes it feels like the documentation could have been more elaborate. My 2 cents