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After testing my app I’m hoping to share it with other schools. It seems the standard method to do this is to add it as a template. However, the template guidelines state that the spreadsheet associated with the app can have no formulas.

In my case, the spreadsheet is the main component of the app. It is set up as a way to present the data visually (i.e. projected on to a big screen in the classroom). The app is just a conduit to the sheet.

The spreadsheet relies on formulas to do things with the data. I can’t imagine that it’s possible to reproduce everything happening in the sheet through the data editor.

Any advice on the best way to share the app given this situation? Is there a way to get it accepted as a template? Or should I consider another method - duplicating the app/spreadsheet and then passing on to schools manually?



Are you looking to sell it or just allow it to be copied for free? You can have a clean version to share and enable the app to be copied directly through the shared url.

Initially happy to make it free. If it’s possible to sell then would look to do so. Not sure how to do this though because the school would have to purchase an upgrade through Glide - their sheet edits allocation would get used up fairly quickly.

Yeah looking at the sheet, I think that would be tough to get through the template approval process.

Meanwhile, this is how to allow an app to be copied.

I’d obviously remove all the copyrighted gifs I’ve slapped on there as that’s not cool but it’s the way it’s fundamentally set up that will be the problem as a template. Thanks for the advice. No way to charge a price for the copy as a template option?

You could charge others and then share a one off url for them to copy. Once they copy it, change the url so nobody else can copy. It’s not a 100% solution, but it’s an option. You would just have to handle charging for it yourself instead of running it through the template process.

It wouldn’t hurt to submit it for template approval just to see if they’ll accept it not.


Appreciate that, thank you

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Is the guide you linked above for the old Glide interface? Cannot see the option to ‘allow anyone to copy this app as a template’ in the new format. image

Also, when you say create a one off url do you mean for the spreadsheet or can this be done with the app url as well?

Hi, try the option, ‘Sharing’ just below Privacy and then you should see “APP COPY” option ‘anyone to copy’.


nothing there - is this because I’m on the Basic version, not Pro?

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Hmm, interesting, here is the screenshot on my side for a basic free app


yup, have gone to that exact place and do not have the option you have there. hmm indeed

must be a setting I have inadvertently selected somewhere else that has disabled it. Not sure where though

I think so, sorry I am not sure what that setting would be, perhaps check the documentation JH provided above and see if there is a requirement that you might have overlooked. I do see the example shows ‘Public with email’ but I don’t know that this has a bearing, but the screenshot I shared of mine is ‘Public with email’, but sorry not sure if thats it


Did you create the app from an existing template? Apps from existing paid templates can’t be copied or submitted as a template, so that could be the problem.

As for the one off url, I was only referring to the app itself. The sheet is always copied along with the app.

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I’m sure I made the app from scratch, there are no templates that are similar to this app. But I may have used a template as it was through templates that I learned how Glide works. Wish I could remember. I could always start again from scratch I guess.

Sorry but how would I create a one off url? Is that done by duplicating the app?

When you Publish/Share your app, Glide will give you a random App Link. You can change this at any time.


oh ok, I had assumed that the url was set to the app but never checked

If a person gets a copy of the app though an App Link that I share, they would then share on to everyone else at the school using the same url. The app would now be installed on x number of devices at that school. But the school would need its own unique spreadsheet.

Changing the App Link just means changing the link to the original file with the same spreadsheet, correct?

What if I change the url at some stage to share with a different school - will that break the link that the first school is using?

Surely duplicating the app and sheet is an easier option if I can’t put this on the template page?

You app is a single app with a single spreadsheet. If you change the url it uses the same spreadsheet but changes the url to access the app, so yes it would break the original link because it’s not a copy. Duplicating an app makes a copy that works on it’s own.