Change Linked Spreadsheet of App

I know this has been asked before and may be in your roadmap but…

When you make a duplicate of an app wouldn’t this be a relatively easy place to implement this feature?
Keep same sheet
Copy the sheet
Pick a sheet (or Select a different sheet)

That would definitely solve a lot of people’s problems. Maybe they could throw in a disclaimer for that option that basically says results not guaranteed if the sheet layout doesn’t match up.

Good point, I’m sure that is one of the major reasons for not having this option. If the format isn’t exact it would end up being a mess. They could do a check and not allow if it isn’t an exact match-up. Just run through the sheet names, order and column headers I would think comparing it to the one that is already linked.

I really apreciate that. I think it would bring security to develop apps and deliver that to another person. Other option it could show is “copy all apps from this same sheet”. And if you have turned your app a copyable app, it would show the same option but of this way “copy all copyables apps from this same sheet.”