Existing App, point to a different Sheet

Is it possible to build an app and then point to a different sheet without rebuilding everything from scratch?

You can copy an app to a new copy of the spreadsheet, but you can’t change the spreadsheet attached to an existing app.

Sort of but as Jeff said not like you say. What is the use case or reason you want to do this? Based on this use case we may be able to guide you in the steps you should take.

Cheers guys,
Three existing sheets, packed with data, formulas etc.

I want to pack them all (desperately) under a single Glide GUI and don’t feel like setting the same setup & config 3 different times.

So you have 3 spreadsheets with a single sheet each?
Are the sheets different in structure? (different title rows, different data)
Have you created an app for each one yet?

Oh and what is the result you want?
One app, one spreadsheet?
3 apps one spreadsheet?

My bad,
Three spreadsheets with 5 sheets each.

Same structure and title rows, different data of course.

Haven’t started with Glide app creation.

What do you want at the end?
3 exactly the same apps, pointing to different spreadsheets?



Create the app using one of the spreadsheets. When all done create 2 copies of the first app making sure to select the option to create a new spreadsheet for each one. The new apps will be connected to a clone of spreadsheet 1. Then just overwrite the data that was cloned from spreadsheet 1 with the contents of ss 2, then same for ss 3. You will end up with what you want.

Thanks George,
What’s the best way to clone the data, structure etc.?

Is it just copy/ paste or there is a better way to do it?
Saying the original spreadsheet included sorting/ data filtering/ hidden columns etc. that are mostly relevant for Google Sheets and not Glide yet I want to keep them.

Yeah for 5 sheets, copy and paste would be a lot shorter time wise than creating a script to do it. If there were 100 or something crazy then maybe a creating script would be best.
I can pretty much guarantee you though that once you start creating the app in Glide you will be changing the spreadsheet structure a bit, so make sure to inspect the 2 other sheets waiting in the wings and sync up the structures before you start with the copy and paste. Also do not have either of the two new apps open in the Glide environment while you are doing all the copy and pasting. If you make a mistake and Glide syncs things up before you get a chance to fix it, you can loose some of you components that were linked to a column that is gone because of fat fingers, or brain hiccups.

Makes sense,
thanks a lot George and Jeff!