Same UI to multiple Google Sheets?

I am sure that someone must have asked this already. I did search and found a few tangentially related topics but not quite this one.
Since it appears that the UI that we develop in Glideapp only has a hard dependency on the structure of the sheet (the “schema”) and not the contained data, is there a way for us to distribute the same UI with independent Google Sheets (only populated with the necessary seed data)? In this way, we could easily “keep private” the user-provided data. Or am I totally missing the point?

Have you enabled “copying” in your app’s Privacy settings?

See here: Sharing your App

You can duplicate an app and then you’re given the option to use the same Sheet as the backend, or create a copy of the sheet for the new version of the app. If you choose the option to create a copy of the sheet for the new app, you could then have two apps with the same UI and could modify the data in each app independently since they’re using different Sheets as the backend.

Thank you so much, @MegannLock and @kyleheney , that looks exactly like what I need.
Just want to confirm the following:

  1. Whenever I provide updates to the app, those who have downloaded the “copy/template” will also receive the new functionality, correct?
  2. Where does the Google Sheet for each of the “copy/template” versions reside?
    Really appreciate the guidance :+1:

Duplicated apps will not receive updates that are made to the master app.

The copied app sheets will automatically be placed in the Google Drive of the user who copies the app.

Depending on your needs, I can think of a few work-arounds to push updates to copied apps and give yourself access to those app sheets.

Feel free to message me!