Duplicating an app

I have this situation.
I had created two apps based on one sheet. Now, I want to duplicate both apps. I want both the apps to now work on another sheet. But,when I duplicate both apps, it either asks keep the same sheet or copy to another sheet. But, I dont want two sheets. I want a copy of the sheet for both the apps. How do I do this? How do I change the sheet to which an app is pointing?

See this thread

A sort-of workaround is to create a template app that combines the tabs from both apps into one, then duplicate it twice and hide/show the tabs that you need for each app.

i have the exact same question!

Is there a way to tie two sheets so that any changes on one sheet will be reflected on the other sheet? Some function in Google sheets?

Yeah, that’s the problem with multiple apps using the same sheet. There isn’t a great way to duplicate both apps to a new shared sheet. You should be able to use ImportRange to move data between sheets, but it may introduce extra lag for what you are doing. I use importrange to copy data to another spreadsheet to run through formulas, then use another importrange to copy the results back to the original sheet. It’s not necessarily fast, but works for what I need.