Same app with different sheet

Dear All

how can I use the same app with a different data sheet?


Each Glide app can only connect to one sheet, and you cannot change it.

Ok - so how do the templates work then? I thought I could use a template and connect it my sheet to make it an app that works for my environment …


I’m sorry, I am not following. You asked how to use the “same app with a different sheet” — what do you mean?

If you mean you want to use a copy of your app with a different sheet, you can always Duplicate your own apps:

Hi David

Please accept my apologies if I am confusing you. Most likely I am confused.

Here is a scenario:

My app is for a certain class in a school and the data for that class is organised in a Google sheet amongst different tabs. I am thinking now that if I want to use the app for another class at the same school, then I would need to create a new Google sheet for the other class to capture these data. Hence the question how I could connect my app to a different sheet.

Does this makes sense?



Maybe you can use the importrange formula to pull data into your sheet or just put the data in your sheet.

You have to be careful with importrange as it does not dynamically update without the sheet being open in a browser.
@brodmuehler It would be helpful if you used the terms Google spreadsheet and sheet (or tab sheet) to avoid confusion.
I think what you want to accomplish can be done in a single spreadsheet. You would have a classes sheet and then then have relations to those other sheets. For instance if you have a sheet called homework. It would have all the assignments for all classes but there would be a column (say named class) in that sheet that would have values like “2ndGradeSmith” and “4thGradeJones”. Those values would link back to the Classes sheet where there would be a corresponding single row that would identify that class. The title for that row would be Homework=homework:class:multiple Then a student could go to their teacher/class and in the details they would be able to see an inline list of all the homework that specific teacher/class has in the homework sheet.