Copy 2 apps from the same sheet

Hello, I created 2 apps in relation with the same sheet.
I want to share it to my partners but when they copy the 2 apps they have two Spreadsheet so they lost the relation between the 2 apps.

How could we resolve it?


This can not be resolved using a copy. To have 2 apps using the same sheet, you can only have a “master app” that we split in 2 apps after.

:cry:. Thanks to your answer but the “master app” will be over 500 lines. Moreover one app have more than 200 button in one tabs. :flushed:

One way you could do this is copy and paste the google sheet to another one and just setup new relations…I know that’s not what you want to hear but it wouldn’t take as long as it sounds and your issue would be resolved. Think about it this way, at least you don’t have to write all of that code out one line at a time and it’s free:)

I already know this way. But I create copy for education and some teachers can only copy to use apps because they don’t know to create relation or they are not friendly with network.

I have a odd idea for you. Perform the first idea that would normally exceed 500 lines. But run the information horizontally. It maxes out at 500 lines but not columns, each person can different columns. You label the columns differently and they have their version of the app access those columns. Alternatively you could setup a script that everyday removes the data and adds it to another sheet for storage. Then when they use their app they enter their name in a field which when put on google sheets does a vlookup and importrange function to retrieve their unique data. 2 ways I guess to get around the 500 row limit.

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