Solved: Use and Admin in ONE and the same app, hotfix, hack

@Herbert_Coleman My post below questions how your are setting up your app, so to add on to that, I’m wondering why you have 6 Admin tabs, when you could probably get away with one. That aside, what you could do is place the admin tab in the side menu, so it’s less obvious, and then set visibility so only show components within that tab based on the user’s authority.

You are mentioning that you created the admin tabs. You can hide them by moving them to the hidden section in the in the tabs section of the builder. However using a button to access them will not give you the layout you already created in each tab. Link to Screen buttons allow for a separate design as compared to a tab. They will both take you to the same sheet, but you can control the look separately within each view.

You can’t control the visibility of a tab based on a user. Any visible tabs will be visible to all users. Like I said, my preference is to put an admin tab in the side menu, or pick a tab in your app and add a button that conditionally shows for admins.

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