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I want to have an open glideapp everyone can view and an admin version to give to the client to update, delete etc.

I need both versions of the app to have no glide branding and a non url. Does that mean I have to pay for two glide apps? Plus two domains?


Yes 2 pro apps, 2 (sub)domains on 1 google sheet.

Or try this method I came up with last week: Solved: Use and Admin in ONE and the same app, hotfix, hack

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Thanks will check out that suggestion. I do hope glide can address this soon, seems like a hack to me which I don’t like doing.

Note that if your non-admin app, or main app, allows some kind of editing on a given sheet. And you want your admin’s to have access to edit more columns than a regular user of that same sheet. You would have to have two apps. That is because you can only have one edit screen, or add screen for that matter, for any given sheet. I hope that makes sense.

Also if you present your use case for the need for two apps because of this limitation, Glide will consider giving you a second Pro license for free, as long as it is pointing to the same spreadsheet.

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Thanks, I don’t want visitors to have any admin rights only the business owner. Good that glide will consider giving admin app (2nd app) but if they say no then I’m stuck. :slight_smile: it will be pointing to the same sheet. Cheers

In my work around I have “News”

In the spreadsheet I have “News” tab and “News Admin”

Editor has access tot the “News Admin” screen
Users only to “News”

In the spreadsheets “News” Contains a simple arrayformula =arrayformula(‘News Admin’!a2:z)

But after reading @George_B answer I might go and cry because having a second pro license would have finished my app(s) a week ago :sob:

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Oh no, ask them for another glide app for admin and see what they say

I read recently that they upgrade the admin app for free if your “public” app is PRO

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Really? Who can confirm that?

Check out this post:


The only thing is it doesn’t say how you do it or request it from Glide which would be useful to know

The method stated in the message “Just let me know.” is how I did it. Send a note to @david .

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