Admins in single app VS. second admin-specific app

Hello! I’m creating a special niche travel attractions app that will have many, many admins as I hope each attraction will upload their own information. Trying to decide if I should have that many admins (and expanded admin only data forms) for uploading attraction information or…

Might I create one app for the end user and a different app for the admin function that then shares that info with the end user app. But then I think I get into the whole “should I use google sheets or glide tables” debate to make that happen.

Would appreciate the community’s thoughts.


:thinking: When you duplicate an app, Glide asks if you want to duplicate the sheet or keep the same. So, you could create the app for users first and then duplicate it keeping the same sheet and create admin’s version. Apps both will deal with the same database.

You don’t necessarily have to make a second app. Assuming you’re having a user profiles sheet for the current app, you can add an “Admin” boolean column to that, and only show the Admin tab, with its features, to the ones who have the Admin boolean marked as true.