I need a lot of help with a double app

How to create a double application. One where is a grocery store and another is the application that manages the products and also receives orders.

On the other hand, if I want to add a third user later, that would be the transportation of the product. This is possible?

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Yes it’s possible, you can create 2 or 3 apps all pointing the the same google sheet. It’s also possible to build it all into one app depending on how you design it.

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Perfect. But I don’t want my client to know that I am using this service. I just want my client to have the admin app and nothing else. That is, through it he can add products to the store and that it is reflected in the application of the clients of his business. In addition to receiving orders from your customers in the admin application. This is possible?

Yes, it’s doable.

Is there a tutorial to achieve this?

Another thing. If I want to add the payment gateway “webpays”, can I do it even if it is coding the application?

No. No se puede por el momento.

Here’s a good place to get started with the basics.

There have been several food related apps created over the past few weeks. If you search through the forum you might find something that’s similar to what your want. Some are even able to be copied. Also check out the templates in the glide builder.