League App ... entering scores (Admin rights)

I have created a Glide App for sporting events which include players, events, and scores of these events.
It allows users to add, edit, and delete. As an afterthought, I figure an unscrupulous user could corrupt the app’s data quite easily and devastate its purpose/usefulness! Thus, adding, editing and deleting scores, even players should be left to trusted users.

I’ve researched and read extensively about “admin” rights herein. If my research is correct, it seems I should create a separate app that has adding+editing rights and point both apps to the same sheet.

Prior to taking such a path, I felt those of you with expert knowledge may have an easier recommendation. Thank you in advance.

I’m a bit of an advocate of separate Admin apps. It is required if you want your main users app to be Public (i.e. no email login). If you do have email login enabled or don’t mind implementing that, then it is possible to accomplish what you want within one app. There are a bunch of examples of how others have structured an app to have certain areas accessible to certain logged in users (aka administrators). @Jeff_Hager has a sample app that shows some of those concepts.

Yep. I also have just an Admin tab in my itemstore.glideapp.io app that has a form button to add items. With an admin tab, however, I am unable to utilize the “users can add/delete” feature as it would be available to all users.

Well…check the most recent announcement!

Yeah, things change rather rapidly. This opens up a whole new possibility for Admin users.

I guess this is just good timing for me. Although I still need to figure is out from the start, it seems to be a solution from the reaction of all!

I’ll have to play with this in the next few days. I think this will make things much easier to manage.

Profiles —> I’ve read some of the threads regarding this and am about to try and implement it into my league app. I have a tab named “Players” which has most of the pertinent data that the profile sample sheets I’ve seen include. It also has a relation to scores/results and event tabs.

Before getting too entrenched in the wrong direction, could I use the Players tab as my Profile tab or should I do as my intuition tells me and create a new profile tab as per the samples?


I use the “All Players” sheet as my source for a Profiles Tab. That being said, I’ve heard there will be some enhancements to user data in the very near future.

I just did some really brief testing, but it looks like you can set it up so a user can edit/delete their own rows, and you can also have an admin sheet that contains the administrator emails. Then use the edit filtering to allow only the creator of the row and the admins to edit/delete data. Adding is up to you. Either have a separate section in your app that only admins can access, then provide a form button to add records to any sheet.

Here’s some useful information about setting up admin rights prior to the new feature updates:

I also have an Admin example in https://concepts.glideapp.io/ that is admittedly a bit outdated, but may help give you some ideas.

I am struggling a bit here. I set up a simple test app with roles as “admin” and “user” (or blank). Simple sheet with name-email-role fields. Admin can edit his record, but when another record is added … admin cannot edit it.

I have about decided to duplicate my main app, enabling one with add/edit rights and the other nothing for normal users. Password protect the admin app and go public with email on the restricted one.

What are pros and cons of this scenario? I assume I have to remember if there are any changes, they must be made to both apps, right?

Just write a post on this:

I suggest the best way to manage 2 apps pointing toward the same sheet is to create the Admin app first. Once you have it all set the way you want it for version 1.0, you duplicate it, making sure to keep it pointing to the same spreadsheet, and then remove the add and edit ability from this new users app for release 1. Now you would duplicate the Admin app, this time creating a copy of the spreadsheet. This will be your next release app. As you add more features and columns you need to document things, especially the changes to the structure of the spreadsheet. Once you have it all set and are ready for version 2.0, you need to carefully transfer the data that has been added to the spreadsheet in version 1.0 to the spreadsheet for version 2.0. Once the data is synced up, you duplicate version 2.0 Admin to create version 2.0 Users, remove the add and edit features, and rename the 4 apps to switch your users from V 1.0 to V 2.0.

[Edit]: with the new conditions for Edit and Delete this whole method may end up being obsolete. I’m still wrapping my head around these new capabilities.

@Robert_Petitto I’m not sure if that method will word, but here is my reply from the other thread. I’d have to reverify, but I’ve had issues doing a lookup column into an array column on the related sheet. Admins need to be in rows in the admin sheet instead of columns.

Hm…I’ll have to test. That’s why you’re an expert!

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I stand corrected. Can’t do a lookup to an array column… :unamused:


@Jeff_Hager is correct.

  1. Each admin on its own row. Create “admin” template for these emails:
  2. Create same template column on add/edit sheet. Match multiple relation between admin sheet and add/edit sheet. Do a lookup of this relation.