Solved: Use and Admin in ONE and the same app, hotfix, hack

So I was waiting for the super team of glide to add somekind of “role” capabilities to the app. Admin role, user role etc. But for the time being I have made a hot fix for this!

Case: You have an email whitelist app and want a user and an admin to use the same app instead of making 2 apps of 1 sheet.
Admins can read and edit
Users can read-only

So i have “news” Items in my app.
A tab in my sheet is called news with =arrayformula(newsadmin!a1:z) in cell a1.
This inserts all the rows from another tab called “News Admin”


  1. Make a new tab in your sheet and add (whitelisted) admin emails to this.! See column C

  2. In your glide app add a inline list in whatever screen and show the admin-spreadsheet-tab BUT in the features of this modules Filter by signed in user en set this to the email column!

Now your module only shows one item for the admin-user with “Admin Home” which you can make it look like a button :man_shrugging:t4:

Then you set up admin home screen with Buttons that go to screens that normal users don’t have access to like the “news admin” screen I’ve set up.

These admin screens items can be edited by users etc etc.
A normal user can never reach admin screens! :ok_hand:


Thank you for using your creativity to encourage people to not depend on Glide so heavily for every little roadblock they encounter.

Everything that we could ever need to do can already be done in google sheets and glide. Its just limited to our imagination. Glad you are thinking outside the box.

I’ve been using this technique with my church app to give ministers a different access than regular member, it works perfectly

Welcome to the other side. (The bright side that is.)

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Have read some of your comments Mr. Candle, your rough - BUT when your right you are right!

It took me some trial and error but arrived at a similar mechanism. Also, what you say about our ability to do magic on the spreadsheet side is true. Although the new MATH column should be thoroughly studied as it seems flexible enough to allow for the migration of most computational work to the Glide side.

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Hi, will you possibly share the app. Thanks

Do want to see the app (as a user that is) or look at the glide builder environment

look at the glide builder environment, Thanks

I have made some changes to an even better method. Will post soon. When there some spare time, I will make an app with sample info so I can share it.

Great, Thanks for the effort. I look forward to your posting.

Here’s the app in glide editor to see how I did it. “You can click copy this app”

Have fun


Thanks a lot, truly appreciated.