Need help with a user-management tab for Admin

Hey - i have a user table and there is user access associated with each of the users ( eg read, write, admin, no-access ). In the table i currently have a number mapped to each of these and i manually update the number corresponding to the user if i want to change his role/access within the app. But i want to create one tab which is visible for Admin only and using which i can see all the users and their access and be able to edit/update the access ( the number column ). What is the best way of doing this?

I want to avoid opening glide table or sheets every time i want to do this and causes a problem when away from the system. So as an admin i should be able to see this tab and change values on the go.

Thanks in advance.

In one of my SaaS app created using Glide, I have separate App for myself as an admin to control user which is linked to same Google sheet.

@Pratik_Shah But what kind of view ( component ) you are using so that you can view the user and his role and be able to edit it through the app? I like the idea of keeping the admin functionality outside on a separate app but using same sheet but wondering how to view and edit.


If I am able to understand correctly what you are trying to explain, you can use Detailed view with inline list which has “View Details” action. In each User’s details screen, you can use “Choice” component to change the role.

Ideally this can be achievable in many ways.


Create a tab with the visibility set to if Role is Admin (just an example, change it based on how your data is structured).

Then show a list of all users in the app. As @Pratik_Shah said, in the details view of each user you can have a choice component writing to the Role column, only visible if signed-in user’s role is Admin.

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Gotcha :slight_smile:

Thanks @Pratik_Shah & @ThinhDinh - The approach suggestion worked.

I initially tried the same, which is create a new tab with Admin visibility and and then created a inlinelist with details view and added a way to display current role and a choice component to update value and worked perfectly. I realised its the quick and easy way to do. But i thought it would be good to keep a track of when i changed the role so i instead mapped a button to an action which does 2 set row one for the Role and other for Modified DateTime stamp.

I think i will create another app which i can and will login only using admin user and then map it to same usersheet and create this tab there. Which is inlines with what Prateek suggested as well.

@ThinhDinh one question - if i make my primary app as Pro app and then the admin app as normal will i be able to access the sheet and use it without any issues? - or will the columns count have an impact on me logging in or accessing the data from admin app?


No, you won’t face any issue. This is exactly how I am doing right now.


Assuming even if the row count goes beyond the range of free app count?


No, if row count goes beyond limit in your admin app, then obviously there will be an issue in your admin app. It will show you limited entries.
Currently, I don’t have many entries hence I am using free app.

Row count is based on the data sheet right not the app. If the main app has 1000s of rows and the same sheet is used by admin app that means there will be a restriction imposed at app level.


Not really, you can decide, each app will use which data from same sheet.

For example, for my admin app, I will use only “User Profile” sheet and not the other sheets. So even if my main app has 1000s of rows, but my user profile has less than 500, then admin app will not have any issue