Create public and private version of app for admin

I have GLIDE APP 1

I think I need to build two apps with the same name but I’m not sure… Only thing one needs to be private and the other needs to be public. I need my users to be able to create profiles in the app, take pictures, chat with one another and rate things on GLIDE APP 1.

Then I need Management of whatever company that’s being rated to be able to discretely log into GLIDE APP 1 to see the customers they want to reward by chatting with their own team “OF THE SAME APP”?

How can I separate the two but keep them together under the same roof? Example: Mark Zuckerburg and his team flag post on FB and IG regularly. You just don’t see them nor know they exist on the FB but they can see the post you create and use admin privileges to take your post down. Only thing is this is not flagging. They’re just watching your post and making an internal organizational decision on how to reward you for being a valued customer? HELP

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Just create the two apps and point them to the same spreadsheet. Add the functionality you need to each one. I would suggest that the management one would be a whitelisted style of login.