Connecting Buyers (public app) to ONE Seller (admin app) at sign-up

Thank you for your thoughts! Admin rights and per-user data is new territory so I’m… digesting.

There’s currently one global app. If I can get this working, I plan to activate all Admin functionalities in it, then duplicate, and set up the duplicate as the Public App based on @George_B tips here. Guidance from Glide points to the reverse process so I’m a bit conflicted.

For now, I have a duplicate of the app where I’d set up a “Seller” sheet and “Buyer” sheet. That seems aligned with your thoughts so far.

You could have a screen with a text entry field set to fill a user specific column. This entry field will be used to enter a code.

In terms of signup flow, since this text field can’t be built into the main sign-in/up screen, how would I force a Buyer to start on that screen and not meander to others? Maybe other screens can be “locked” until they’ve signed up?

If I understand correctly, you’re suggesting that the Buyer (public) App would be set to public with email and this process is a substitute for the standard sign-up/login screen, correct?