Creating a "Sign up" form in a Glide ap

Hello Gliders, I’m trying to use a Glide app as a “lead magnet”, so I want to give people a sneak peek into the content of the app on the Home page, and then prompt them to give them an email address, as you can see below.

I have tried with the “Sign in” feature in the menu, but as far as I can tell, showing components only if the user is signed in is only available with the public with email privacy settings…
I want a part of the app to remain public, so I wanted to create a workaround by using a sign-up form instead. When a user submits the form, I want him to be able to be redirected to another page with all the content available in the app.

Is it possible? Thanks!

Hi Monica. I have done this. You may check out The user anyways has to sign in with the email address along with the pin as with any other glideapp. After sign in, the first page is to a Student registration sheet, in which if the signed up email is not present in the Email column in this sheet, then all components are invisible except a landing page with markdown along with a Sign up button. The Sign up button opens a form in which user has to enter details. and sign up. Along with the form details, the signed up email is also sent to the sheet as a special value. Once the form is submitted, the signed up email is part of the sheet and so other components of the app become visible. So, using the visibility condition: Email is signed up user along with a form, we can do this. The signed up email should be sent as a special value. This is one way I thought of doing this. There may be other ways too. But, I don’t ask for the email in the form, because I use the email that they have signed in with.

Hi, Thanks for the reply, but I want to keep a part of the app public…

Yes, you can do that. It depends on the visibility conditions. You can add a visibility condition based on a form field X for Sign up form. So, all the private components can have a filter with condition to be that X is not empty.

There currently isn’t a way to limit the app by signed in user unless you’re app is whitelist or public with email.

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And, also remember, that you just need to put the visibility condition for one button and whatever else shows up when the user clicks the button, need not have that visibility condition. Because, nobody else can see the button and click it without signing up.

@monicab In a similar fashion I wrote an app that has listeners and creators. Two apps pointing to the same spreadsheet. In the public one they can listen to all the stories and if they want to join to be a “creator” of those stories they can Join. The join is just a Glide Form that creates a row in a sheet. In my case I do a lot of scripting after they Join that sends them an email automatically and adds them to a MailChimp list, but depending on the volume of enrollments that could all be done manually. Take a look at the Glide app here Feel free to Join so you can get the whole experience. You may even want to submit a story based on what you see and hear in the app :slight_smile:


I’ve tried to do it, but the thing is that by doing this I can’t make sure that the user has submitted the form…

That’s a great idea !

Just a little thing : I assume that you’re using the email whitelist privacy settings, and there seems to be a bug as I can’t access the app even though I received an email telling me that I could join…

You can detect if the form has been submitted by checking whether the column where the form data gets stored is empty or not and using that as the visibility condition. The form data will have to be a required field.

@George_B How are you able to combine two apps into one app? Am little confused. Do you give a separate link with a separate url for those who join as creator?

Yes it is a whitelist and I can see your email address in the sheet so I’m not sure why you can’t log in. Since I can’t read french what is the message? Does it not send the PIN or is it saying you are not in the list?

@monicab Short answer, you can’t have an app that is marked as public with only certain parts that require signed in user. Filters and visibility by signed in user are not available until you set the privacy setting to Public with Email or Whitelist. What @vijay is say still requires a sign in with a pin, but once that is done, you can control what parts of the app are visible until a profile is filled out.

I think what you want is for the app to be set as Public, but then once a user signs in, other parts of the app are made available.

There have been several posts about this but here’s a couple. The first link has a link to the feature request app if you would like to add your case.

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It is two apps pointing to the same spreadsheet.

So, for the creators, you send a separate app link?

Hi Jeff, interesting enough I had a play with an idea and it seems to work. See if if works for you to.

So set to privacy to public with email.

Then set the filter to edit as signed in user.

Then switch privacy back to public.

Make sure the menu appears by setting a tab in the menu. So the app is now public with a menu.

A user can now see a public app and use the menu to access sign in.

Once they are signed in the filter respects who is sign in and they can access the data they have been access too.

Hope that makes sense?!


That’s interesting. I just assumed since the options were grayed out in the filter, you couldn’t use them with Public. I’ve never understood why we couldn’t still use them with Public apps while signed in or not. The filter should functions how it’s supposed to, no matter what. I will give it a shot.

Correct, the link to the separate app is in the email that is sent.

Yeah very interesting. Let me know if it works for you.

it said that I wasn’t on the list, but I tried again and it worked! I guess there’s a little delay for the email address to be added to your Google sheet (I assume that you use Zapier ?)