Hello! My name is Arnis, I am new here in Glide app community! My question is: It is Possible build an app without asking human sign up on the app and ask for he details! I want to make my app for everyone free! I mean, when Human gonna download app in mobile device and then open it, he gonna see straight away home page and creator information - why this app is created and scrolling down he will see more information… and then he going to app menu selecting which category he want and starting using app without filling info in sign up form.
So I want to remove sign up form forever. Please help me, please give me some reply!/?

Thank you Arnis!


You can build an app using the Public privacy setting, which won’t require a user to sign in when opening the app for the first time. If your app is going to require data that specific to that user, then you will need to either use the Public with Email privacy setting, or create a Sign In button somewhere in your app, or have the user sign in through the side menu. To have data that specific to a user, you need the sign in because there needs to be some way for the database to tell the difference between data for different users. If you don’t have any data that needs to be specific to a user, then you can just use the Public privacy option.


Thank you! :sweat_smile:

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As Jeff mentioned it’s as easy as pie to do what you ask. I do strongly recommend using the free public option so that you can customize the app. Even the small things like your home page saying “welcome back John”. Can make a huge difference to the user

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Hello again! Somebody can tell me please wat’s going on now with links from the images? I am insert link in my google sheet like image, but this link which I insert in google sheet don’t appear in my app, when I am opening it in new tab in google like image It’s working, but don’t appear from my google sheets in my app like image! So somebody know what going on? Can tell me please because I am now stuck on place and don’t moving further!
Note: I am creating Images with canva and then I am using image links!

Can you send a sample link here so we can test?

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You just have the url in the sheet, correct? You are not using a formula like IMAGE(“url”)? Does your link have https or http?


for my link i have https://

Seems like it’s not the “real link” to the image, the image is just embedded there.

Your real image link is.

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So i paste this real image, yes it is working
But have you get the real link?

I have to use browser inspect to get that, but you can download it from your Canva account and upload to Glide.

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thenk you very much…problem solved…

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Also just right click any image and it gives you link to image

You just click copy image address.