Is there any way for users to create password prior signing in?

I want to create a service app but I need the user to be able create a password prior to signing in? is there any way I can do that? Thanks!

Glide doesn’t use a password for per user sign in unless you are using the password privacy setting. Even then, it’s a shared password for all users. Why do you need them to create a password before attempting to sign into the app?

I want to create a public app where they can purchase stuffs through the app, so hoping to have an extra layer of security?

So you are looking to only use one app that’s set to Public, but have a password protected section inside of it? You can do something like that if you look at this post. You would just have to create a new column in the data tab for your “admin” sheet that is set to ‘User Specific’. Then create an if then column that checks the entered value and sets true or false if the value matches. You can use the if then column to then set visibility on other components that are only accessible to the user that enters the correct password. Unfortunately you can’t allow the user to set their own password.

If you aren’t using a lot of rows and are using the free version of Glide, you can create a second admin app, but I’m not a big fan of using two apps for various reasons.

There is another method that I’m currently discussing with Glide that would be much better, but I want to wait and see what they say first.

Edit: forgot to post the link to the post I was referring to.

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This is the other method, but I’m still not sure if it’s officially supported.

I’m still waiting to hear back if this can officially be supported or if the workaround will be supported long-term, but hopefully this helps.

Here’s how to get signed in user info into every record in your sheet.

I think this one can do it! Let me try to use this method first. Thanks a bunch Jeff!

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Jeff, do you by any chance have a demo app that we can examine to see how it works and then adapt (some of) the code in our own app?