List Relation "Data"

Ok…riddle me this. Why does editing the Data for List Relations do nothing? I’ve always wondered this.

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If you only have 1 item, then I think it might show the other details. It will also take you directly to the details of that 1 item instead of a list. As Glide has said before, it’s one of the original components and hasn’t gotten a whole lot of attention.

Yeah…I mainly use it for accessing an “Archive” of form responses. Would be nice to customize it a bit…

Completely unrelated, @Jeff_Hager, you have any tricks up your sleeve about getting the name of the signed in user to appear in a tab that doesn’t house the user profile rows? In my recent chores app, I want to create a form button that says “Assign me this chore” where it will auto pass the signed in user’s name. Im guessing the only way to do this is to pass the user email and then do a look up of the name in the responses? Not the UI i was trying to achieve, though.

I am also eagerly searching a way to display the signed in user’s name. I am just able to filter or do conditional visibility based on User email as signed in user. Want to learn the tricks to display users name as a welcome note.

BAM! I figured it out.

First create an If/Then column on the user profile sheet that fills the column with the word ‘Name’ if signed in user.

Next, on every sheet you want to display the name:

  • Create a template column that contains the word ‘Name’.
  • Create a relation column that joins the name template to the name template in the user profile sheet.
  • Create a lookup column that gets the name from the relation.
  • Bonus - make it look pretty.




New level of relations to templates! AWWWWW YEAH! This might solve my check user balances too because the column would only result in a single value and not an array!

SO many more possibilities!


I won’t take full credit. I remember a post somewhere where someone was using the if/then by signed in user. Definitely something to consider and use more.

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@Jeff_Hager OMG it’s going to work:

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With this one little trick I can free up almost 800 rows of formulas. :scream:

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Awesome! By the way, I charge per freed up row. :wink:

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1¢ per row? Deal! …honestly, if you had a donation page, I’d send some appreciation your way.

I hope I understand what is going on here.
Trying to get the signed-in user name.

I saw the trick and try it but I did it this way.
It only took me one step to get the username
Look at pick.

That works in the current tab, yes. The other solution will let you display the name in ALL OTHER tabs!

This is great, I use this trick to show/ hide components based on the type of user they are, i.e. you can also assign a user profile this way and take that over to your other sheets for visibility

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Right…this I’ve done before my relating two template columns together…I’ve just never thought of relating an ifthen to a template like this!

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Ahh yes! It’s @George_Lewis1 that deserves the real credit for this. It was his post that gave my the idea to approach it this way.

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I’ll give you this one this time. It was a team effort.

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@George_Lewis1 :clap::clap::clap:

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Thanks, pleased to give something back as both of your advice/posts have helped me build the other 90%!


More testimony about how brilliant this trick is:

  1. Only need to create “is signed in user” rel/lookup once in user sheet with keyword and then can relate to that keyword in each tab
  2. able to create custom “headers” on each tab.

800+ rows & 20+ relation/lookup columns now boiled down to just 10 columns and 0 (new) rows…zero spreadsheet formulas = instant calculations.