Insert User Data ANYWHERE in your App!

Saw these in the Glide data editor for the first time today. Both EXTREMELY helpful:

1. Probably not new, but it’s the first time I had to use it: Rollup > Count True

Use Case: Getting count if true to divide by total to establish a % complete.

2. Definitely new: Getting User Profile Data in the Template Column!

Use Case: Too many to count! Bring in User Profile Data into ANY tab!!!
This is now the best way to achieve all that has been mentioned in this post:


Probably exactly what I need right now, I was looking for a solution to use profile from data.

But i don’t see the User Profile
Do i need to create a new column?
Or its not fully available ?

Create a template column…should be in there!

Dont see it…

And im trying the the Name template thing haha. I suppose it should replace it ,correct?

Yes! Replace it with data from the User Profile tab! I just created a video. I’ll add it to this thread momentarily!

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Unrelated, but how did you get the XP to the left and currency to the right? Is it some html magic?

Yes…I hate that I had to use it but I couldn’t find any other way to achieve what i wanted. I’m hoping that one day Glide will come out with an “Advanced Table” component that will let me put two components side by side.

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Can it not be done with the standard one because the left side is the name of the header?

Nope. These are two different values from two different columns.

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Good video!