Filter Inline List based on values on a host sheet

Guys, need help…

I’m working on an app that allows people to key in their current aircon unit model and I want to be able to show possible replacements based on several options that are on another sheet.

I currently have an Inline List that pulls data from the list of options sheet, but the filter function only allows me to enter a fixed value:

I want the filtering to be dynamic based on the key-in values by the user:

Is there a way to do this currently?


Unfortunately we cannot compare 2 dynamic values in a filter or if/then column, although it has been requested several times. This would be best achieved with relations, but due to your use of greater than and less than compares, this further complicates things.

I would recommend reading up on these methods to get a better idea of how to do this. You’ll will most likely need to think of your logic backwards. Create relations, lookups, it/thens, etc. in the items sheet to pull in the selected value. Then create the proper relations in the selection sheet to match up. I hope this helps.:

Thanks, Jeff.

I’ve tried reading through your suggestions but it’s a whooshing a bit over my head.

I’m trying a different approach now - I was able to list down the possible options that satisfies my conditions in a single cell in my google sheet, is there a way to make a relation between the different items in this one cell to the items in my database sheet?

‘Match multiple’ doesn’t return any results:

Thanks again. Any help is much appreciated.


You can’t do a relation like that. You are trying to match a single model number to a big list of model numbers. That’s not an exact match, so the relation won’t return anything.

There’s 2 ways to do this:
One method is to create an array of columns (Model 1, Model 2, Model 3, etc) and create you relation against the array column (Model) that Glide creates.
The second method is to Create a sheet with a model in one column and a similar model in another column. List all of these combinations going down. One for each row. Then create a multiple relation to that sheet following by a lookup column that will get an array of all associated models that you can use, just like the first method.

Thanks Jeff, I discovered what you mentioned by accident when I used the ‘Split text to Columns’ function and just named the columns Option 1, Option 2, etc…

I was surprised when I saw the options listed under one column in Glide!

Inline List Filtering_7

So it’s working like how I want it in Glide, I just need to find a way to automate the splitting every time the sheet is edited.

Thanks again, you’ve been very helpful!


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I think you can use an ARRAYFORMULA for that.

Put in the cell below option 1.


The A2:A is replaced with the column you store the “Possible replacement models”.

Can you tell me if it works?

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Thanks ThinhDinh!

I actually just used the “Split” function since the ‘Possible Replacement Models’ column already is an ARRAYFORMULA, and the required conditions are specified inside that column already. I didn’t know that there was a SPLIT command, and it does the job perfectly. It even deletes the other info listed under the different Options columns if the original list of options gets lesser. So thank you for suggesting this :pray: