Email filtering in inline list

Hi y’all.
I’m struggling a bit with filtering by signed in user in an inline list.
AS you can see below, I’m changing the email, however I still get the same results.

I tried with an if-then column, however I can’t use that column in the filters…
What do you recommend?

Is there a way to filter the whole sheet by email (I remember seeing that in Glide’s previous version) so each user only sees the data they’re supposed to see?

Thanks again,


That is the visibility condition for the entire list, not individual list items. You want to add a Filter for this.

You mean add a filter in the inline list? What kind of filter?

Two options:

Wow!! How had I missed the “row owner” stuff?? This is lit! :partying_face:
Thanks Jeff! I owe you (again) a cold Corona :beers:

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Jeff sorry to bother you again.
I went down the rabbit hole in your concepts app, but couldn’t figure it out by myself.
With the above tip, I already filter by owner, so the owner can only see the info of his restaurants.
Now, I want within an inline list, to only show information regarding 1 restaurant, and his waiters.
I have a feeling the way we have the data doesn’t help to “filter” the waiters by restaurant, and I’m stuck here again.
What I need is the screen to show only the waiters for the restaurant I’m looking it.
Here’s the GIF link since I couldn’t upload it because it’s too heavy:


The concepts app is not a great example because I have it set to public. I’m kind of faking it out to give the illusion of email filtering, but actually it’s using relations instead.

Your GIF first shows the list of records in the Sales by Restaurant sheet. You then click on one of the list items to view it’s details. Your inline list is the Waiters sheet, correct? Do you have a relation column set up from the Sales sheet to the Waiters sheet? If you do, then you just need to point your inline list to the relation instead of the entire Waiters sheet.

Hey Jeff, thanks again.
Yes, my inline list is the waiters sheet… however I need to show a bunch of stuff from that sheet, that’s why I’m not pointing to the relation.
What I’m trying to achieve here is that when I’m seeing Restaurant 1, I only want restaurant 1’s waiters to appear… I was planning to do that with a filter or a condition, however I don’t seem to find a way to filter it this way.
If a filter using a relations column, then I only have the “is empty” or “is not empty” options and it doesn’t work out.

What do you recommend?

Thanks again,

Just change your inline list source to the relation (that links the restaurant sheet to the waiters sheet). That’s it! Everything will work the same but your list will only contain waiter for that restaurant.

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Thanks Jeff!!

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Hi again Jeff. I’m a pain :pensive:
With your help I’ve figured out the past 2 issues.
Now the third… When I’m in restaurant 1, I want to show total sales per type (lunch, dinner, bar, etc) of only that restaurant. So I filter by menu_type, however I keep getting the total amount of dinner, for example, for all restaurants, and not only restaurant 1.

I’ve been playing with the sheet in the subcategories post, but I don’t know if that’s the right way to display this information, or I should filter it in a different way.

Would you mind giving me a hand again?

You should only need a relation from restaurants to sales by restaurant. Don’t use filter.

Ok, I’m almost there.

When I’m seeing my restaurants, how do I add that inline list, named **relation 2 **(the relation you just mentioned above) to my restaurants view?
When I’m in restaurants and add a new inline list component, I don’t see relation 2 column. This is all I see.
Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 9.58.44 AM

Thanks Jeff

I’m taking the time to take a deeper look at your app. It looks like the copy tab points to the Restaurants sheet. I don’t know if you are just testing things, but currently you don’t have that tab filtered by signed in user, so only Restaurant 1 is going to show. As for your question about relation 2, I see you have it set up and are currently showing tiles. Are you still having issues with this?