Inline list filter not working

My app’s URL:

I’m creating my first app using a Google sheet.

In my doc I have a sheet/tab for players (Jugadores) and another for player’s injuries (Lesiones).

In my app, I list the players (Jugadores) and when selecting one, I show its details plus its injuries (Lesiones) by using an Inline List.
Since I only want to show the selected player’s injuries, I’m using:
Inline List > Options > FILTER > using Screen field.

But the list is not filtering but showing all the records.
It seems that the filter is not working.

This is my Google sheet and app filter:


How about if you simplify it and just create a relation column linking the player sheet to the injury sheet. Then display your inline list based on the relation. It’s a lot easier than trying to set up complex filters.

Hi Jeff, thanks for your quick response.

Do you mean doing so on the Google sheet or in Glide?

I don’t know how to do that. Any guidance will be much appreciated.
I would be fine with any solution that allows me to easily manage my data from the Glide app but also from the Google sheet directly.

Also, besides finding a solution for my needs I think Glide’s filter is still not working.


Sorry, I butchered my response. I’ll fix my spelling. Not quite sure why the filter isn’t working. May need to see the full settings for the filter. Unless it’s getting confused because you are comparing a numeric value to a string value.

What I was referring to is a Relation Column. You can read about it below. I would much prefer it compared to a filter. The inline list can point to a relation column instead of an entire sheet and then you wouldn’t need a filter because it’s only showing related data.

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Cool, I resolved it from the Glide’s app side using Relations.

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